Dos Casas, a member of Design Hotels | San Miguel de Allende’s Most Sophisticated Retreat

The UNESCO-listed city of San Miguel de Allende, with its impressive colonial architecture and romantic cobblestone streets, is rightly one of Mexico‘s biggest draws and an unmissable highlight for anyone visiting the northern central highlands. 

In recent years, artists, writers, and makers from all over the world have made this colourful city—of colonial, baroque, and neoclassical architecture—a playground for experimentalism with a plethora of cultural institutions, galleries, and music venues.

Considered one of the best hotels in Mexico and included in the Condé Nast Traveler list, Dos Casas has distinguished itself for its hospitality that, together with its modern style design, blends with the essence of the three properties of the 18th century that comprise it.

In 2014, renowned Mexican architect Germán Velasco teamed up with Alberto Laposse to remodel Dos Casas.

Inspired by the buildings themselves, Velasco made reference to the colonial era when San Miguel de Allende was famed for its rich repositories of gold, stone, wood, and leather, which still characterize local aesthetics.

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During this process, the furniture from the 1940s and 1950s (Bauhaus) was respected, since the idea was always to maintain a modern design that would not lose the balance of the pieces of art that appear in each of its corners. Finally, the remodeling of the spaces was completed in July 2014, the year in which the Áperi restaurant and the hotel IRIS SPA opened their doors. 

The Garage de Dos Casas, the most recent of the hotel’s projects, is a modern space inspired by an old manufacturing workshop that has been the venue for art installations, design conversations, private dinners, and architecture presentations.


Throughout Dos Casas’ eccentric interiors, flashes of stone, marble, wood, iron, leather and brass evoke Mexico’s rich colonial heritage. The sophisticated rooms and suites feature rustic décor with stone walls and fireplaces. There are six different categories, from the Classic to the Rooftop and Signature Suite.


Áperi (open in Latin) was born and developed as an open kitchen concept, open to ideas, knowledge, research, and evolution. Winner of several Gourmet Awards and recognitions by the press: Best New Restaurant in Mexico and Best New Hotel Restaurant, Best Tasting Menu in Mexico.

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Áperi has become a destination in itself, positioning itself as the best restaurant to visit in San Miguel de Allende and one of the best in our country. 


The IRIS Spa at Dos Casas –exclusive for two people– is considered the “Best Boutique Spa in Mexico” and becomes the ideal place to find inner harmony with four types of experiences: holistic, healing , delicate and thermal, which help relaxation and provide well-being.

From the moment you enter the IRIS Spa at Dos Casas, you are welcomed into your own private sanctuary of unexpected artistic elements and ethereal soundscapes. The unique experience channels your senses toward attaining a transcendent state of mind-body awareness. The entire facility is yours for creating a completely personalized journey: skilled therapists will guide you in designing tailored treatments that put you at ease and bring you in contact with the expansive, intangible part of your being where harmony exists and healing begins.

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