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Exquisite Elegance in Elounda

Although surrounded by some of Crete‘s most luxurious resorts, Elounda retains a charming down-to-earth feel.

CAYO Exclusive Resort and Spa is Elounda’s most elegant and luxurious design resort, born out of passionate love in the art of traveling. Its unique terraced architecture blends seamlessly into the mountainous landscape offering unparalleled views of an iridescent Spinalonga Islet —a candidate for the UNESCO List of World Heritage Site.

CAYO’s eclectic décor, custom made plates, and amenities deliver touches of outstanding aesthetic. Its alluring interiors were conceptualized by the famous Italian art director and designer Gian Paolo Venier. Advanced forms of design combine elements of modern European culture with Greek and Cretan traditions in innovative ways.

G.P Venier’s artistic look mixed rare and precious materials from around the world with unique artistry. Touches of bright white marble from Brazil’s submarine quarries coexist with dottings of black volcanic pebbles from Sumatra. Handpicked elements of rare craftsmanship provide a seamless blend of the resort’s look and feel with the surrounding hills and the Cretan archipelago’s azure water.

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Cayo’s vibe and feel are the results of thoughtful consideration of the spiritual, cultural, and natural environment. With opulent facilities, gastronomic brilliance, and a mind-body balancing Spa, CAYO Exclusive Resort and Spa truly is a style seekers dream. 


CAYO Exclusive Resort and Spa’s 74 exclusively designed luxurious rooms, villas, and suites come with private swimming pools. Stylish exteriors and a panoramic view invite guests seeking luxury to immerse themselves into a world of exquisite elegance.

The accommodation’s striking architectural design uses Greece’s ample sunlight to heighten the beauty of the surrounding hills and the famous islet of Spinalonga, a candidate for the UNESCO List of World Heritage Site.

CAYO’s eco-friendly design and bioclimatic architecture highlight the local climate’s beneficial features. The ground slope was put in use to achieve optimal air and light exposure to the resort’s indoors and outdoors areas.

Cayo’s interiors of outstanding aesthetic caressed by Greece’s ample sunlight create a feast of colours its guests will savor. It is architectural wonder designed to provide panoramic views of the natural beauty of the Greek islands, with floor to ceiling windows throughout.

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Excite your senses with an abundance of flavours, colours, and aromas: CAYO’s menus have been curated by Lefteris Lazarou – the first Greek chef to have been awarded a Michelin Star.

A meticulously crafted, beautifully presented gastronomical experience awaits you throughout the day. As the sun sets, a moonlit night sky emerges, forming the idyllic setting for some refreshing spirits.

Cayo’s elegantly decorated bars offer magnificent views. Delight your senses with a wide selection of juices, drinks along with classic and signature cocktails.


CAYO’s Armonia Spa is a state of the art installation featuring a large heated indoor pool, steam room, three treatment rooms, sauna, hair salon, and a nail salon.

It offers relaxing sessions to help rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, while the fitness centre provides a place for a range of guided workouts, including Yoga, Pilates, detox therapies, and vigorous cardio. 

A team of experts will cater to your individual needs and well-being, with an extensive range of Spa treatments promising to restore your wellness and inner peace with branded products.


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