Enjoy Wildlife Responsibly: 5 Epic Experiences for Animal Lovers

Watching wildlife in their natural habitat has always fascinated adults and children alike. And when done responsibly and respectfully, this experience can benefit humans and animals alike. 

There is currently a growing number of sustainably focused destinations that encourage guests to have responsible wildlife interaction to balance animal welfare and the travelers’ viewing pleasure. 

If you are a certified animal lover and protector by heart, here are 5 epic experiences you should never miss out on:

1. Track Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda

Enjoy Wildlife Responsibly: 5 Epic Experiences for Animal Lovers

Ask anyone who has done it and they will surely tell you that out of all the wildlife experiences they had, watching gorillas is the one that changed their lives forever. Being up close and personal with a wild gorilla is always a part of many people’s list of things to do before they die. The Virunga Mountains in Rwanda and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda are the perfect spots to track mountain gorillas in all their glory. 

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2. Unleash Your Wild Side in Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands is dubbed as one of the leading destinations in the world when it comes to wildlife viewing. There is no surprise here, considering that it serves as the home to an amazingly diverse amount of flora and fauna, most of which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. 

Enjoy Wildlife Responsibly: 5 Epic Experiences for Animal Lovers

Here, you can meet the popular ancient giant tortoises, watch iguanas sunbathing on the beach, be amazed at the delightful display of courtship between the blue-footed boobies, and go for a swim amid sea creatures from seahorses to seals. 

3. Watch the Arctic’s Polar Bears 

Topping the food chain in the Arctic are the polar bears which are the ultimate masters of survival in the area’s harsh conditions.

Enjoy Wildlife Responsibly: 5 Epic Experiences for Animal Lovers

Since you cannot navigate the Polar Region on your own, it is best to join a tour led by an expert local wildlife guide to have the best experience of bear watching. Just be ready to pack lots of patience, though, because you might need to wait for several days before you actually see one. 

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4. See the Playful Pandas

It is not easy to see pandas in the wild and many don’t offer tours mainly because of the lack of success rating and difficulty. But for guaranteed sightings, all you have to do is visit Chengdu Panda Research Base.

Enjoy Wildlife Responsibly: 5 Epic Experiences for Animal Lovers

If you are willing to go further, the Bifengxia Panda Reserve gives you the chance to get a glimpse of these cute creatures almost in their natural habitat. 

5. Be in Awe of the Majestic Wolves 

The grey wolf is the top predator in Yellowstone National Park. You can follow their tracks by going on Safari Yellowstone’s educational and adventurous experience safari-style. Aside from tracking the wolves, you can also discover more about the distinct natural ecosystem of the first national park in the world.

Enjoy Wildlife Responsibly: 5 Epic Experiences for Animal Lovers

Make your way through the ancient volcanic geysers, forests, lakes, and mountains, and get a glimpse of a wild variety of animals including deer, elk, bison, bears, coyotes, and so much more in what is known as North America’s Serengeti. 

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Have fun watching wildlife and don’t forget to do it responsibly!


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