Exclusive Luxury Experiences in Jordan | Black Platinum Gold

Warm hospitality, lunar landscapes, and ancient history are some of the many reasons why Jordan deserves a spot on your travel bucket list. If you have always dreamed of a one-of-a-kind vacation, Jordan offers deluxe experiences you can never find anywhere else in the world. 

Hot Air Balloons and Helicopter Excursions

The best way to explore and experience Jordan is high up in the air! Ride a hot air balloon and view from above Wadi Rum’s towering ancient rocks. Just one captain is operating hot air balloons in the entire Jordan. It is exclusively available in Wadi Rum, offering a unique excursion that you should arrange ahead of time.

Ultralight flights and helicopters also provide additional options to have a VIP overview of the country’s diverse terrain. Ultralight flights will take you flying above Wadi Rum and Aqaba, while helicopters cruise over a large part of Jordan, with Petra being the only exception because of the protected architectural site’s fragility. 

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Pampering at Its Finest at a Dead Sea Spa

Your Jordan adventure may be exciting but it can also be tiring so you need and deserve some R&R. Once you arrive in Amman, don’t miss the chance to a 5-star spa pampering and treatment. The Nabatean Treatment at Four Seasons Hotel Amman will scrub away all those stresses of travel and soothe your scalp and skin using argan oil and olive seeds.

Exclusive Luxury Experiences in Jordan | Black Platinum Gold

The Dead Sea literally got you covered when it comes to your needs for a luxury spa. Slather your entire body with mud rich in minerals and float in its healing waters. Or better yet, let the experts perform the body treatment at Kempinski Hotel Ishtar’s Resense Spa, the largest spa in the Middle East. 

Dine in Private and Sail into the Sunset

Jordan also provides endless opportunities for extra special settings of exceptional dining experiences. Book with Alladin Yacht for a private sailing trip on the Red Sea and sip refreshing champagne while watching the gorgeous sunset.

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Exclusive Luxury Experiences in Jordan | Black Platinum Gold

If you love the feel of the sand on your toes, you can also ask for a candlelit table for two in Wadi Rum’s scenic Martian landscape or on the beach in Aqaba. If it is not enough to dine on the sea during sunset or right under the stars with the pink sandstone formation that look like they came straight out of a postcard, you can also tailor-make your drink and food menu to suit your palate. 

These dining experiences are extra special since they are often unadvertised, making it your own private experience like no other. 

Luxurious and Unique Lodging

Exclusive Luxury Experiences in Jordan | Black Platinum Gold

It doesn’t matter if you wish to indulge in unique boutique options or strictly stick to globally renowned hotels, Jordan got all the bases covered. Book a view room at the Dead Sea at one of the numerous 5-star resorts at Earth’s lowest point and choose from the different spa treatments, fitness rooms, pools, and most importantly, private beach access to the mineral-enriched waters.

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Jordan is undoubtedly a piece of heaven on Earth so don’t miss the chance to try all of these and more!


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