Fiji: The Most Authentic Experiences to Enjoy

More than 300 islets and islands make up Fiji, most of which are still uninhabited to this day. Fiji is a real-life tropical paradise jam-packed with memorable people and sights that make a trip to the gorgeous island country a dream come true.

Here are some of the most authentic Fijian experiences you should enjoy to the fullest.

Scuba Diving at Beqa Lagoon

Beqa Lagoon has long been a draw for scuba divers. Located right off the main island of Fiji, it is the only place on the planet where divers get the chance to see large numbers of lemon sharks, blue sharks, and six other shark species.

Fiji: The Most Authentic Experiences to Enjoy

If you are lucky, a giant tiger shark might even join you, with its stripes flashing through the crystal-clear waters. Aside from the sharks, divers in the lagoon can swim down and explore walls blanketed in sea fans and vivid corals. The Frigate Wall and Blue Wall attract tons of good-size pelagic fish, eagle and manta rays, and sharks.

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Snorkelers can also be in awe of the vast reefs and the marine life on them that house the amazing underwater fauna of Fiji.

Say Goodbye to Boredom at Monuriki Island

Even if Monuriki Island is often endearingly called Tom Hanks Island since the actor and Wilson, his cute volleyball, were stranded on the uninhabited island in the classic flick Cast Away, you will never feel isolated here in any way.

Fiji: The Most Authentic Experiences to Enjoy

Most resorts offer Monuriki day tours, and you will probably have company while sitting on the sparkling white sand beach or even when snorkeling the massive blue lagoon before grabbing some lunch.

Some endemic lizards, such as the rare Fijian crested iguana, and lots of seabirds also live here, making it perfect for some wildlife spotting. So, relax, enjoy, and capture the sights with your camera.

Discover Fijian Culture at Nukubalavu Village

Nukubalavu, near Savusavu town on Vanua Levu, is probably the best introduction to the cultural protocol and lively life of any Fijian village. The elders will welcome you here and walk you around thatched huts where ladies prepare pandanus leaves woven into baskets or mats.

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Fiji: The Most Authentic Experiences to Enjoy

Children smile from the door as coconut palms from a copra plantation sway in the breeze. Visiting the village starts with a sevusevu welcome ceremony where elders prepare kava and sip the muddy concoction in a circle to form a peaceful bond.

Explore the Corals of Somosomo Strait

Fiji is known as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World,” almost completely due to the Somosomo Strait’s abundant soft coral. Let yourself float with the current and pass through the multicolored outcrops that sway like trees together with the appropriately named Rainbow Reef or Great White Wall. It is an authentic blanket of white coral, dubbed one of the world’s most unusual and beautiful dive sites.

Fiji: The Most Authentic Experiences to Enjoy

You can also swim with over 1,200 species of colorful fish as well as mollusks, spinner dolphins, and rays. Companies on Taveuni and Vanua Levu all lead trips to the underwater wonderland.

Try these authentic experiences for the ultimate Fiji trip!

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