Five Culinary Wonders in the World

Food of all sizes, shapes, colours, and tastes can be found all over the world, waiting to fill your tummy. Whether you are a proud and certified foodie, or you just love food in every sense of the word, here are five culinary wonders that are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. 

China’s Soup Dumplings 

Soup dumplings, also called Xiao Long Bao, are small packets of love disguised as dumplings filled with soup and savoury meat. Soup dumplings were originally invented in Nanxiang, a suburb of Shanghai. Today, you can now find them in Chinatowns across the globe.

Five Culinary Wonders in the World

Whether you are in Taipei, Philadelphia, or Toronto, you can enjoy soup dumplings anytime and anywhere you want. But of course, nothing still beats the experience of sipping the rich soup out of the authentic handmade soup dumplings made in Shanghai, making it one of the top culinary wonders in the world. 

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Greece’s Souvlaki

Many people consider souvlaki as street food, but you can also enjoy it at tavernas all over Greece. When served with fried potatoes and done right, souvlaki can become a truly magical dish. Marinated meat grilled over charcoal gives off a unique flavour you will find irresistible.

Five Culinary Wonders in the World

Depending on the vendor, some Greeks call souvlaki Gyros cooked just like the shawarma of the Middle East often served in a pita, and Kalamaki which is usually served on skewers. But regardless of the serving vessel or the name, souvlaki will always contain tiny pieces of grilled pork, lamb, vegetables, or chicken. 

Italy’s Neapolitan Pizza 

Neapolitan pizza is probably the best pizza you can ever try. This is made from patiently and slowly developed dough to form a heavenly subtle texture and tomatoes cultivated on the volcanic hills of the nearby Vesuvius.

Five Culinary Wonders in the World

While you can always eat pizza anywhere in the world during your travels, the most classic pieces of the world can only be found in Naples, the city that created Margherita pizza that does the craft to perfection to this day. 

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Japan’s Ramen

Japan is like a unique planet of its own with its modern take on food, technology, and life as a whole. While everyone loves to eat Japanese classics such as yakitori and sushi, people can never get enough ramen, especially if they are in Japan.

Five Culinary Wonders in the World

The country is known for making the best ramen with fresh al dente noodles, fatty and pork-infused tonkatsu broth, bright pillowy soft orange-yolked boiled eggs, and cha shu pork that melts in your mouth. 

Vietnam’s Pho

Travelers can have pho any time of the day and anywhere in Vietnam. Hanoi is one of the most favourite cities among fans of pho, with many of them enjoying it during breakfast.

Five Culinary Wonders in the World

Unlike the sweet broths found in Central Vietnam and Saigon, Hanoi pho boasts a savory flavour profile featuring star anise and lemongrass. Hanoians serve pho in a bowl with a simple set of accoutrements such as fresh red chiles and fresh herbs. 

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If you are craving something to fill your tummy, these are the five culinary wonders of the world that you should never miss trying soon!


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