Five luxury restaurants you absolutely must visit in Madrid!

Five luxury restaurants you absolutely must visit in Madrid!

Choosing the best restaurants in Madrid is no easy feat, given the incredible range of Michelin-starred establishments offering both creative tapas and traditional recipes. Here you will find a unique restaurant or bar on virtually every corner. The Spanish capital is the most visited city in the country and a true cultural hub, famous for its internationally renowned museums as well as theaters, festivals, monuments, parks, and clubs. It is virtually impossible not to have anything interesting to see or do in Madrid. If anything, it’s quite the opposite: you really are always spoiled for choice.


The restaurant of Madrid’s extravagant chef Dabiz Muñoz (World’s Best Chef 2021 and 2022) is fourth in the world according to the “Words 50 Best” guide . The chef of this restaurant, which has been awarded three Michelin stars and only three Repsol stars, offers very creative dishes, with an iconic tasting menu the absolute star of the menu, combining intense flavors with bold and exotic mixes and very different textures. It is not only the most talked about menu this season, but also one of the most expensive in the world. Culinary influencer Mark Wiens claims that DiverXo’s Spanish potato tortilla is the best in all of Spain.

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Mario Sandoval, chef at Coque restaurant in Madrid, has two Michelin stars, three Repsol suns and three “M’s” from the Metrópoli Guide. His credentials guarantee creative cuisine and a continuous explosion of flavors. His cuisine is based on locally sourced products and two particular ingredients: fermented foods and the ubiquitous egg. It is the Sandoval brothers themselves who serve customers with elegance and discretion. As for the tasting menu, it is full of surprises and with a strong impact not only gastronomic but also visual.


A gourmet restaurant with two Michelin stars located in an industrial loft in the Chueca district and where you can taste the dishes of chef Diego Guerrero . At DSTAgE, you’ll notice the restaurant’s avant-garde style, including brick walls, a modern bar, and a kitchen open to the room that captures guests’ attention. Its two tasting menus (“Dstage” and “Denjoy”) are a fun gastronomic journey around the world that starts with Spanish cuisine and surprises with a perfect mix of flavors.

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Paco Roncero

This restaurant, awarded two Michelin stars and three suns by the Repsol Guide, is located a few meters from Puerta del Sol in the famous Casino de Madrid building that dates back to 1910. It boasts a spectacular terrace with one of the best views in the city. Not to be outdone are the three tasting menus, namely “Esencia” (Essence), “Reivindicación” (Revenge) and “Afirmación” (Affirmation). Chef Paco Roncero offers unique and creative signature cuisine. If the day is sunny, and it almost always is in Madrid, we recommend drinking a vermouth on the beautiful terrace before lunch.

Ramon Freixa

Chef Ramón Freixa has haute cuisine in his blood: as a child he trained in the family restaurant in Barcelona. Today he runs an exclusive establishment with two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns in the Salamanca district, next to the secret garden of the Hotel Único Madrid.

The stars of the restaurant are, of course, its three tasting menus (RFM Temporality, Discovering RFM and Freixa Universe) with a spectacular blend of flavors and unbeatable presentation. Ramon Freixa is a restaurant where you go for a different and sublime experience-we are sure it will not disappoint.

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Five luxury restaurants you absolutely must visit in Madrid!
Five luxury restaurants you absolutely must visit in Madrid!

Five luxury restaurants you absolutely must visit in Madrid!


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