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“Straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers.”

The passion for cars, combined with the incredible sceneries that Europe has to offer, from as far north as the Highlands of Scotland, to the sunny Cote d’Azur in France, with the majestic Alps somewhere in between, were the driving force behind Ultimate Drives.

Since 2010, the team at Ultimate Drives have welcomed hundreds of driving enthusiasts from all over the world, taking care of the whole experience once the drivers have chosen their preferred destination and car.

Driving Tours & Driving Holidays in Europe

Car enthusiast and thrill seekers can now discover Europe from a unique perspective.

Whether it is  the high mountain passes of the Alps, the forest trails of Schwarzwald, the rolling hills of Chianti (Tuscany) or the vineyards of ProvenceUltimate Drives journeys will take you to discover the most scenic routes, to visit remote destinations and to experience the greatest driving roads.

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All the #justdrive packages are designed for people that want to bring their own car to Europe and experience the greatest driving roads in the world.

From the high alpine roads and mountain passes of the Alps, to the sweeping wine routes in Provence, to the Fjords and coastal roads of Norway and the stunning highlands of Scotland, there is a route to suit all tastes and styles, including both shorter 2-3 day journeys and 1 week Grand Tours.

Each tour has been handcrafted, and team tested, to ensure you drive only the best roads, enjoy the most incredible scenic highlights along the way, and stay at handpicked boutique hotels, with suitable parking arrangements as you make your journey through Europe behind the wheel of your car.

Supercar Experiences

If you wanted a full one day experience to drive the car of your dreams, on what are some of the greatest driving roads anywhere in the world, then the Supercar Experiences by Ultimate Drives are the perfect choice.

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It offers a full day behind the wheel of one of the latest generation performance of supercars. The drives range between 200KM and 340KM of driving, planned over a full day, with stops for sights, coffees and lunch along the way.

Honeymoon Breaks

Take your road trip to the next level of luxury and romance and enjoy an authentic once-in-a-lifetime experience!

All the honeymoon drives incorporate the most scenic driving routes in each region of Europe, with the luxury touch you want on such a special occasion: airport limo pick ups, 5 star accommodation throughout, wine tastings and culinary experiences.


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