Discover why this exclusive destination attracts visitors from around the world and which are the most renowned hotels to stay in

Forte dei Marmi, nestled between the splendid Apuan Alps and the Tyrrhenian Sea, is one of the most exclusive resorts on the Tuscan coast. The city, known for its golden beaches and crystal-clear waters, offers a unique combination of natural beauty, luxury, and tranquility that makes it a sought-after destination for celebrities, entrepreneurs, and discerning tourists from around the globe.

Why is Forte dei Marmi so popular?

  1. Exclusivity and Privacy: Forte dei Marmi is synonymous with privacy and discretion. Many VIPs and prominent personalities choose this location for their summer vacations precisely because of the opportunity to enjoy moments of relaxation away from the spotlight.
  2. Luxury and High-Quality Services: The city offers a wide range of luxury services, from high-fashion boutiques to world-class spas, starred restaurants, and exclusive beach clubs. Attention to detail and quality of service are at the highest levels.
  3. Natural Beauty: Fine sandy beaches, clear sea, and nearby mountains offer a breathtaking landscape. Forte dei Marmi is also a great starting point for excursions to the nearby Cinque Terre, Lucca, Pisa, and Florence.
  4. Culture and History: Although it is a modern seaside resort, Forte dei Marmi boasts a rich history and fascinating cultural heritage. Its historic villas and outdoor sculptures add a touch of elegance and tradition.
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The Most Beautiful and Famous Hotels in Forte dei Marmi

  1. Hotel Byron: This five-star hotel, located directly on the seafront, offers the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. The rooms are tastefully furnished, and the hotel features an outdoor pool, a gourmet restaurant, and impeccable service.
  2. Augustus Hotel & Resort: Situated in a quiet location surrounded by a vast park, this resort offers a luxury experience with private villas, an exclusive beach, and a high-end wellness center. It is the ideal choice for those seeking privacy and relaxation.
  3. Principe Forte dei Marmi: A true gem of contemporary design, the Principe hotel offers elegant rooms and suites, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and a luxury spa. The rooftop terrace with panoramic views is the perfect place to sip a cocktail at sunset.
  4. Grand Hotel Imperiale: This luxury hotel stands out for its refined style and welcoming atmosphere. Located near the city center, it offers a private beach, an outdoor pool, and a gourmet restaurant. The spacious and well-furnished rooms ensure an unforgettable stay.
  5. Hotel St. Mauritius: With its refined ambiance and attentive service, Hotel St. Mauritius is an excellent choice for those seeking a classy stay. Modern rooms, a pool with a solarium area, and a high-quality restaurant make this hotel one of the best options in town.
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Forte dei Marmi continues to be one of Italy’s most coveted destinations, thanks to its ability to offer an exclusive and unforgettable vacation experience. Whether it is relaxing on a golden beach, enjoying a gourmet dinner, or exploring the natural beauty of Tuscany, this location has everything you could desire for a perfect holiday.


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