Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg – Russia invites guests to live within a magnificent 19th-century royal palace. Completed in 1820 as a residence for Princess Lobanova-Rostovskaya, the palace is the work of architect Auguste de Montferrand (who also designed the neighbouring St. Isaac’s Cathedral), assisted by Italian sculptor Paolo Triscorni. With classical white columns against Imperial-yellow walls, this stately building has been popularly known as the “House with the Lions”, in honour of the two white-marble lions guarding its main entrance.

This St. Petersburg landmark is depicted in period paintings and works of literature, including Alexander Pushkin’s famous 1833 poem, “The Bronze Horseman.”Immediately positioned among Russia’s finest hotels, Four Seasons provides the dream St. Petersburg luxury accommodation experience: living like Russian royalty in an authentic 19th-century palace.

Heritage hotel interiors, including the main stairway, vestibule and entry hall, have all been painstakingly restored to their original 1820 beauty. Newly appointed luxury hotel areas reflect Imperial Russian style, while feeling fresh, light and contemporary. With St. Petersburg’s most spacious five-star accommodations, Four Seasons offers 177 luxury hotel guest rooms, including 26 suites. Views to the north showcase Alexandrovksy Garden and the Admiralty building, and to the south, highlight St. Isaac’s Cathedral, St. Isaac’s Square and the statue of Czar Nicholas I. Accommodations on the newly added fifth floor open to rooftop terraces – many with priceless cathedral views. Ensuring all guests feel as pampered as royalty, Four Seasons provides state-of-the-art comfort and attentive, intuitive care – whether you are visiting St. Petersburg for leisure or business.


Immediately positioned among Russia’s finest hotels, Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg provides luxury accommodations like no other.

Light, airy and welcoming, the 183 guest rooms, including 26 elegant suites, are the most spacious in St. Petersburg. They feature inviting elements such as high ceilings, large windows and full marble bathrooms.

Enjoy iconic St. Petersburg views: the Alexandrovsky Garden and the Admiralty building to the north, and St. Isaac’s Cathedral, St. Isaac’s Square and the statue of Tsar Nicholas I to the south. Rooms on the fifth floor offer personal terraces with sweeping cathedral views.

There are seven special suites – Lobanov Presidential Suite and three Noble Suites on the first floor feature very high ceilings and residential atmosphere with the views to Alexandrovsky Garden and St Isaac’s Cathedral. Three Palace Suites are located on the third floor and feature bright natural colors and airy, spacious accommodations.


Discover a world of delicious international and regional cuisine, all nestled within this sumptuous 19th-century royal palace. Relax with premium tea and light fare at the Tea Lounge, flooded with natural light in an airy atrium setting, or toast the evening with classic and innovative cocktails and spirits at the inviting Xander Bar. Sample modern Japanese delights at the chic Sintoho restaurant, and try contemporary Italian dishes at Percorso, known for its excellent wine cellar.


Named for Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong, Sintoho offers contemporary Japanese fare coupled with northern Asian influences.


Contemporary and welcoming, Percorso features delectable modern Italian cuisine, a superb wine cellar, a private dining room and an open kitchen.

The Tea Lounge

Savour house favourites that include premium loose-leaf teas, fish and steak from the lava-stone grill and freshly baked pastries.

Xander Bar

Relax in the inviting atmosphere of Xander Bar. Sip fine champagne by the double-sided fireplace and sample an enticing selection of classic and modern zakuski (appetizers).

In-Room Dining

Experience fine dining from the comfort and convenience of your guest room or suite. Exceptional Four Seasons cuisine is available around the clock – ideal for busy travellers or those seeking a private meal.


After busy days of sightseeing and exploring in the city, visit Luceo Spa for an international spa experience unrivalled in St. Petersburg. Constructed within a triangular courtyard of the original Lion Palace, this four-level luxury spa in St. Petersburg offers superior skincare and massage therapies. Expert manicures and pedicures are also available, and eight spa treatment rooms include a deluxe couples’ suite with a private lounge.


The creation of westward-looking Peter the Great, St Petersburg was intended from its inception as a display of imperial Russia’s growing status in the world. Fine-tuned by Peter’s successors, who employed a host of European architects to add fabulous palaces and cathedrals to the city’s layout, St Petersburg grew to be the Romanovs’ showcase capital and Russia’s first great, modern city. The capital may have moved back to Moscow following the revolution, but despite all that history has thrown at it, St Petersburg still feels every bit the imperial city with its historic heart largely frozen in time. 

Venice of the North

Whether you’re cruising along the elegant canals, crossing one of the 342 bridges in the city, or just watching them being raised in summer over the mighty Neva River at night to allow ships to pass through, you’re never far from water in St Petersburg. This has earned the city unsurprising comparisons to Venice, but the similarities don’t stop there: walking around the historic centre will reveal canals lined by Italianate mansions and broken up by striking plazas adorned with baroque and neoclassical palaces. North of the city centre there are also pristine beaches fringing the Gulf of Finland. 

Artistic Powerhouse

St Petersburg is an almost unrivalled treasure trove of art and culture. You can spend days in the Hermitage, seeing everything from Egyptian mummies to Picassos, while the Russian Museum, spread over four sumptuous palaces, is perhaps the best collection of Russian art in the world. Add to this world-class ballet, opera and classical concerts at the illustrious performance halls, and a slew of big-name music festivals over the summer months, and you won’t be stuck for cultural nourishment. Contemporary art is also available at the fantastic Erarta Museum, the Street Art Museum and in the buzzing gallery scene.

All Seasons City

Summer White Nights are legendary: the northern sun barely dips below the horizon. Revelry begins in May, with parks and gardens greening with flowering trees, and peaks in mid-June when performing arts festivals pack out concert halls and the entire city seems to party all night long. It’s the busiest time to visit and the crowds can often be overwhelming. But Piter, as the city is affectionately known, is just as beautiful in early spring, golden autumn and even winter: the skies may be leaden and the ground covered in snow, but the culture still dazzles and delights.


If ancient walled fortresses, glittering palaces and swirly-spired churches are what you’re after, focus on European Russia. Here, Moscow and St Petersburg are the must-see destinations, twin repositories of eye-boggling national treasures, political energies and contemporary creativity. Within easy reach of these cities are charming historical towns and villages, such as Veliky Novgorod, Pskov and Suzdal, where the vistas dotted with onion domes and lined with gingerbread cottages measure up to the rural Russia of popular imagination.

Arty & Adventurous

Whether you’re a culture vulture in search of inspiration from great artists and writers or an adventure addict looking for new horizons to conquer, Russia amply delivers. Tread in the footsteps of literary greats, including Tolstoy and Pushkin, on their country estates. Ski or climb lofty mountains in the Caucasus, go trekking or white-water rafting in the Altai Republic, hike around Lake Baikal, or scale an active volcano in Kamchatka – the variety of possibilities will make your head spin.

Off the Beaten Track

Russia’s vast geographical distances and cultural differences mean you don’t tick off its highlights in the way you might those of a smaller nation. Instead, view Russia as a collection of distinct territories, each one deserving separate attention. Rather than transiting via Moscow, consider flying direct to a regional centre such as Rostov-on-Don, Irkutsk or Yekaterinburg and striking out from there. With a welcome spread of Western-style hostels and hotels around the country and the ease of booking trains and flights online, it’s simple to organise this kind of trip yourself.

A Riddle Worth Solving

We won’t lie: bureaucracy and occasional discomfort and inconvenience, particularly away from the booming urban centres, remain an integral part of the Russian travel experience. However, a small degree of perseverance will be amply rewarded: one of the great joys of travel in Russia is being swept away by the boundless hospitality of the people. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Winston Churchill both wrote famous lines about Russia being an enigmatic riddle. Embrace this conundrum and you, too, are sure to find yourself swept away by a passion for Mother Russia.

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