From New York to Miami: tips for an Epic East Coast Road Trip

For many of us quarantine was mostly a period of personal growth, a moment to get closer in any kind of relationships (may those be part of the family or not), long days of overthinking as well as relaxing, reading, cooking and much more else. 

Nevertheless, what we missed the most is undoubtably the outdoor activities. 

Yes, outdoors: it appears such a wonderful word now. Despite everyone knows the huge and undeniable relevance of the strict condition we had been forced to, we are dreaming of several things to do, when the “handcuffs” will fade away. Certainly, drafting our wish-list, one of these activities (and probably the first) will be a long trip, considering how much action has been cut out of our daily routine. 

Given the great fear of social interactions that will surely follow this situation, people will not want to board a plane or any public transport for a while, when not necessary, to avoid gatherings.

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For this reason, we prepared for you a series of road trips all around the world: 


This bubbly city attracts year by year a lot of people from every part of the world: movement, frenzy and lights might be three words to quite summarize the unique experience which it could offer. 


The biggest city of Pennsylvania is renowned for its rich history related to the American Revolution.


Located in Maryland, Baltimore is famous for its harbor – the Fort McHenry – and its history.


We guess that explaining why Washington DC is worldwide important would be redundant. 


Capital of Virginia, Richmond is one of the most ancient city of U.S. and it is where Patrick Henry, one of the Founding Fathers, said: “ Give me freedom or give me death! “.


Between 2004 and 2014, the population of Charlotte’s metropolitan area has been placed as the most growing. 

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Every year, many visitors come to Savannah thanks to its historical buildings: the center area is one of the biggest ones among the National Historic Landmarks in United States. 


Orlando is famous for hosting many theme parks, especially Walt Disney World, and for Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.


Most of us probably smile just hearing the name of this city, thanks to the sudden image of sunshine, beaches and warm temperature that comes up. 

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