From Passion to Profit: Black Platinum Gold's CEO Viola Palescandolo Shares Entrepreneurial Insights for Success

AMSTERDAM, July 20, 2023 – Black Platinum Gold is pleased to announce Viola Palescandolo as a speaker at the 2023 Women|Future Conference, held virtually from August 1-2.

Viola Palescandolo is a former naval engineer, equestrian show jumper, luxury superyacht expert, and passionate traveler, whose insatiable curiosity and drive led her to establish Black Platinum Gold, a groundbreaking company that revolutionized the world of luxury travel. As the visionary founder and CEO, Palescandolo introduced the first-of-its-kind luxury travel auction platform, creating an unparalleled connection between discerning travelers and exclusive hospitality experiences from around the globe.

The Stevie® Awards, the world’s premier business awards, proudly present the 2023 (6th annual) Women|Future Conference held virtually from August 1-2.

The Women|Future Conference is a professional development, learning, and networking event that brings together a community of small business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and women who are interested in starting a business. Attending the conference is free, but attendees must register in advance to access the virtual platform and sessions.

Viola Palescandolo will be speaking about Turning Passion into Profit as an Entrepreneur on Tuesday, August 1, at 10:00am EDT.

“My vision is to inspire individuals to envision beyond profits and embrace the transformative power of purpose. By dedicating ourselves fully to our purpose, we unlock boundless potential, create lasting impact, and in turn, witness the rewards that extend far beyond monetary gains.” ― Viola Palescandolo, Founder & CEO of Black Platinum Gold

Women from cities across the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe attend the conference year after year to be inspired, build resilience, and share insights into changes that impact their industries, their careers, and their lives.

The 2023 conference agenda features two days of panels, workshops, and breakout sessions hosted by over 30 world-class speakers including CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and small business consultants from The Audacious Agency, MENTOR New York, Jennings Social Media & MarTech, and others. The agenda also boasts a handful of speakers from global organizations; Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President – Global Industry Marketing; SAP’s Chief Marketing & Solutions Officer; and the Founder and CEO of Fempire, the #1 global coaching brand for women business owners.

The Women|Future Conference sessions will be interactive, designed for attendees and speakers to share what’s working in their organizations, troubleshoot the challenges they collectively face, and make meaningful connections. Session topics include:

  • Entrepreneurship: Tips for new business owners to transition smoothly from employee to entrepreneur
  • Lessons in Branding: Marketing tools and techniques to create a strong brand, and how to remain consistent as the brand grows and trends change
  • Business Awards: How to write winning business award nominations and leverage those wins to build credibility and boost business reputation
  • Storytelling: Mastering the art of authentic business storytelling to create brand awareness and connect with a target audience
  • Small Business Funding: Insights on how to navigate the investment landscape for women and identify the right investors and business opportunities
  • Networking: Insights on how to build social capital and find a trustworthy network of mentors that lead to career success
  • Workplace Inclusivity: Candid conversations about the real challenges and strategies used by women to foster more inclusive work cultures, and issues affecting women’s inclusivity in the workplace

About Viola Palescandolo 

Former naval engineer, luxury superyacht expert, and passionate traveler, Viola Palescandolo founded Black Platinum Gold as the first-of-its-kind company and the only luxury travel auction platform in the world. The company creates a one-of-a-kind connection between travelers and hospitality by auctioning off exclusive and well-known hotel stays and vacations from around the world.

In June 2022, the company helmed by Palescandolo entered the NFT market with the project “Unlocking Uniqueness”, selling at auction ultra-luxury experiences in the real world as NFTs.

Palescandolo owns 100% of the company and is deeply involved in every aspect of management and business development.
As CEO of Black Platinum Gold, Palescandolo won the Bronze Stevie® Award for “Female Solo Entrepreneur of the Year” in the 18th Stevie Awards for Women in Business (2021) and the Gold Stevie® Award for “Best Female Solo Entrepreneur” in the 19th Stevie Awards for Women in Business (2022).
Viola Palescandolo was born and raised in Naples, Italy, and has lived in Amsterdam, London, Sao Paulo, Verona, and Milan.

***Please find here: Black Platinum Gold logo and a portrait image of the company founder and CEO Viola Palescandolo***