“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” – Winston Churchill

Luxury is not just a claim, it’s a way of life with the most elaborate attention to details: Ghidini1961 products are designed with utmost passion and created with the highest levels of craftsmanship to exude luxury, functionality, and innovation and serve the contemporary lifestyle of today’s world.

Every piece is given singular attention to quality and finished with the highest level of handcrafted care.

Ghidini1961 presents itself with the expressive power of a project that reveals its idea of ​​contemporary living by recreating a home environment.

Living and dining room, library, kitchen and wine cellar and wardrobe: every space is represented with Ghidini1961 furnishings and accessories, since its debut appreciated for its extraordinary ability and productive care.

The pieces and designers selected by Ghidini1961 under the artistic direction of Stefano Giovannoni are among the best in the contemporary design scene.

From the small salt&pepper shake to sofas, passing through lighting fixtures, upholstered furniture, mirrors and bookshelves, everything expresses the high craftsmanship of a brand that constantly invests in research, moulds, prototypes to affirm its excellence – qualitative and aesthetic.

Coast Table, design Branch Creative

“The Coast Table draws on the same refined joinery as the Coast Chair. With a silhouette that is both architectural and organic, the tables refined brass frame and sculptural joinery support a tabletop that has had all sharp corners softened. The result is an elegant, inviting surface that provides the perfect landing spot for parties both large and small.” – Branch Creative

Coast Table is completed with the homonymous Coast Chair project presented in 2018, which found inspiration in the northern California coast, whose design was influenced by a landscape of golden and wandering hills and by the winding streets that intersect them.

Coast Table is defined by the contrast between the lines and the thicknesses reduced to a minimum and the solidity of the structure, a table that adapts to any situation and that can be customized on any size.

Coast Chair

A mix of rigorous and soft lines, the thinness of the legs and the compactness of the seat combined in a new way. The chair, a complex object, finds a new and intriguing declination.

Campana Brothers

Based in Sao Paulo, Estudio Campana is constantly investigating new possibilities within design: from furniture making to architecture, landscaping, fashion, scenography and more. It creates bridges and dialogues where the exchange of information is also a source of inspiration

Campana pieces are part of permanent collections of renowned cultural institutions such as the Centre Pompidou and the Musée Des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, MoMa, New York, the Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo and also the Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein.

Jackfruit lamp – Jackfruit vase, design Estudio Campana

Nature has always been very important for Campana brothers since they grew up in the luxurious tropical flora of Brazil. In a period where the sensibility of nature starts to awake, the brothers bring a strong statement in finding the inspiration exactly there. The jackfruit, one of the largest fruits in the world, has always impressed them. While working on this new vase for Ghidini, a memory came back and nature borrowed for the pieces vigorous influence.

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Jackfruit is a family composed of a table lamp and two brass and brass / rosewood wood vases, two warm and attractive materials. 

Significant note: the products are made entirely by hand. Here is expressed a unique skill of the brand. Only great experience has allowed the achievement of absolute perfection.

Jackfruit table lamp

The lamp is made of polished brass, synonymous of elegance and preciousness. It is composed of two overlapping cylinders, the large stem supports an important lampshade decorated with a thousand leaves bent by the wind. The perforated structure and the opening of the lampshade create suggestive radiations of light, like light passing through the dense foliage of a tropical forest. Two versions available: entirely in brass or diffuser in brass and base in rosewood wood. 

Jackfruit vase

Jackfruit is a numbered vases edition, an object that for its exclusivity completes every environment with its strong sculptural presence. The vases are available in two different finishes. The first is a single block of hand casted bronze. The second mixes two materials, brass and wood, and is divided into three sections: the upper and lower are composed of an articulated brass casting, the central part is in wood. Both are presented as absolute protagonists of the living.

Frame Collection, design Stefano Giovannoni

Stefano Giovannoni designs Frame for Ghidini1961, a new collection composed of sofas, armchairs, dining and coffee tables, bookshelves and cabinets. Everything starts from a simple element: “the joint“, which, combined with elegant rounded 45 degrees extrusions, creates an almost infinite family. The collection is characterized by organic junctions that – in their possible combinations – create minimal, compact and powerful structures. Frame is built starting from few elements that are able to create a large family with essential lines. Small tables and storage units are played with different materials, such as glass, wood and marble, while the sofa has a leather structure and fabric cushions.

Katana, design Paolo Rizzatto

In the Katana sofa, Paolo Rizzatto, being the refined and expert designer he is, puts great care in the proportions of the structural elements of the product.

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In the elliptical leg, every millimeter has been designed and calibrated, as well as the relationship between seating and structure. 

Fittings and lines, grafts and joints, everything is designed for the best harmony. The dialogue between the parties, as in architecture, is for the Milanese architect a perfect orchestration.

The sofa refers to the iconic and seductive shapes of the classic Chesterfield, reinterpreted with renewed elegance, and thanks to the gentle curvature of the leg it resolves the connection with the seat and the back. This makes it enveloping and comfortable, its height and width support a relaxed sociability. The ability and experience of Rizzatto in designing elegant, ironic and precious objects is perfectly summarized by the Katana sofa, which dialogs happily with the other collections of Ghidini1961, creating endless relationships.

Equilibrium and rigor are the two adjectives that best describe the sofa complete with armchair with generous measures.

Incrocio, design Andrea Branzi

Architect and designer, he is a Co-founder of Domus Academy, the first international postgraduate design school.

In 1987 he received the Compasso d’Oro for his career. He is a Professor at the Third Faculty of Architecture and Industrial Design of Politecnico di Milano.

Zuan, design Paolo Rizzatto 

Different cultural needs and references in time and space are combined in the “Zuan” cabinet collection. The timeless classical Chinese cabinets and the eighteenth-century English “chests” are revisited and updated. The single piece combines three materials in a variable and versatile way: brass, wood and marble. The brass for the support frames and partition walls, the wood for the containers and the marble for the support surfaces. The passionate quality of traditional cabinetmakers is supported by engineering in all production phases and by numerical control technologies, from the general scale to that of detail. The result is a product freed from fashions and boundaries.” Paolo Rizzatto 

Elegant cabinet with essential lines of Japanese flavor. The slender structure in essence is opposed by four slim legs in gilded metal. Zuan is recognizable by the detail of the support, a quarter of a circle with great aesthetic and functionality, which defines the character of the storage unit. The central compartment, closed by essential brass handles, has shelves in Verde Alpi marble, a gesture of surprising refinement. The upper part of the cabinet is divided into four sections, in turn divided into smaller niches, drawn according to the golden proportion, inscribable in a perfect spiral. A wunderkabinet to exhibit our wonders.

Take me to Miami, design Nika Zupanc

In the recent year, Nika has designed extraordinary pieces for Sé (collection recently awarded with Editors award for furniture at ICFF in New York), for the Japanese brand Francfranc, for Dutch design brand Moooi.

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She also made a Room of One‘s Own for Esprit Dior and designed the atmospheric As Aperitivo bar in her home town Ljubljana. Nika’s pieces carry an emotional charge as well as being exquisitely finished, which is why Elle USA defined her work as “punk elegance”.

As for Nika, explanation is unnecessary. Her visual language comes from deep within and is about “communicating the things that cannot be told.”

Double-O Tray, design Richard Hutten

As an extension of the Double-O collection of the famous champagne cooler, Richard Hutten designs the Double-O tray. A fun and essential object that brings surprise and panache to the table. The essential lines, the elegantly curved edge inwards and the large round handles, all characteristic elements of the whole Double-O family. Hutten goes beyond the established modernist “form and function“, proposing a contemporary game and function.

OLALA – étagère, design Richard Hutten 

Characterized in typical Hutten’s style, with the oversized round handle, the étagère OLALA brings joy to every dinner where it is used for its elegant and sophisticated appearance. The three shelves, expertly proportioned, center on the stem concluded by the mythical round handle, signature of the Dutch designer. The finishes, perfect and reflective, multiply the content, like Narcissus in the water of the lake.

FAN, design Setsu & Shinobu Ito

Fan is a mirror inspired by the iconic shape of the classic Japanese Fan in its semi-circular opening. 

An object that in the Japanese tradition is not only used to emanate air, but also to create a diaphragm between two people, to hide shyness but in this case allows you to be reflected.

The structure is completely made polished brass die-casted, the central part is instead made of a generous mirrored surface that allows the user to reflect.


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