Gold Massages and More Luxury Spa Trends

Spas have always been a part of the history of mankind, with their roots believed to have started in 7,000 BC. Through the years, spas have continued to evolve to cater to the needs and demands of clients. This year, it seems that more new treatments are being introduced and gaining popularity, both for their uniqueness and the perks they offer.

Whether you’re an avid spa-goer or this is your first time taking a dip into this relaxing treatment, here are some of the latest trends in luxury spas, from gold massages to crystal healing massages.

Gold Massage 

Gold is one of the most prized precious metals in the world and is typically associated with prosperity and wealth in many cultures. With such an esteemed status, it’s not a surprise that it is the main feature of one of the latest luxury massage treatments that have exploded in popularity.

A gold massage involves a therapy session that uses 23-karat gold. The placement of warm gold-plated nuggets or the application of oil containing small gold particles on the body helps stimulate energy, blood flow, and circulation. It also encourages the growth of new cells in the deepest layer of the skin. Waste is then discharged from the skin, helping slow down the most visible signs of aging.

Gold massages have enjoyed significant fame in the past year, with the treatment amassing more than 30 million views on the TikTok platform alone.

Yoni Steam

Yoni steam is another spa trend that took the spa world by storm. This controversial treatment is also called vaginal steaming. A woman’s vagina endures many things, from monthly menstrual cycles to sexual intercourse and childbirth. Add to these the changing hormones of the body and pelvic floor concerns, and you can easily tell that the vaginal area also needs and deserves some TLC now and then. This is where Yoni steaming enters the picture.

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Even though it has only recently come under the spotlight thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow, the truth is that Yoni steaming is no new treatment. It is an age-old remedy that cleanses the vagina and uterus, eases cramps during menstrual periods, and regulates menstruation.

The practice involves sitting on a seat that has a hole in it while the steam infused with herbs rises to the vaginal area.

While this treatment is not yet available in most mainstream spas, you can easily look for specialist spas that serve the demand in case you want to give it a try. With the attention it has been gaining these days, it’s poised to become one of this year’s top trends in spa treatments.

Turkish bath massages

The Turkish bath massage is yet another type of massage poised to see higher demand this year. It is a therapeutic approach that starts with a massage. The body will then be scrubbed and exfoliated afterward to eliminate dead skin.

Aside from improving the clarity and overall health of your skin, Turkish bath massages are also believed to encourage toxin elimination and improve blood circulation.

Gold Massages and More Luxury Spa Trends

Sound Baths 

A sound bath is a form of holistic wellness trend that is sparking some interest in the spa industry. Although the mere mention of the term may make you imagine yourself immersed in water, you don’t have to take a bath during a sound bath at all.

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Instead, a sound bath is where sound waves will bathe you, coming from different sources such as gongs, rattles, singing bowls, tuning forks, and sometimes even human voices.

This calming sound experience is one of the powerful forms of meditation that have gained fame in the past few years, with several spas and wellness centers now offering this unique service. The goal of sound baths is to balance and change your energy. It urges your mind to completely let go, so you will feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

Light therapy facials

Light therapy facials are a new form of facial spa that is expected to go big this year, with interest sparked by the Netflix series Emily in Paris. The famous skin-loving light therapy treatment helps fight off acne and inflammation while slowing down aging at the same time.

While it’s not necessarily a new treatment per se, the past few months have seen an increased demand for light therapy masks. It is also expected to continue growing in popularity as more people use at-home masks while waiting for their next spa treatment.

To make the experience even better, some people also use oil-based products and tinctures as supplements for their light therapy facial sessions.

Gold Massages and More Luxury Spa Trends

Crystal healing massages

Crystals have been used by mankind for centuries, but it wasn’t too long ago when their true powers were discovered. Thanks to A-list celebrities, including the likes of Megan Fox and Katy Perry, who endorse the magic of crystal stones, they have now found their way to the spa industry.

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Spa treatments are taken to a whole new level with crystals, as these are now either used during a massage or facial. Many spas are starting to use crystal-infused products for massages or crystal rollers for facial treatments. Some spas even make crystals a part of the treatment by placing them in certain parts of the body or letting the client hold onto them.

Some spas even believe that using crystals as decorations for treatment rooms can offer an energetic benefit as they induce deep relaxation or rebalance the vibrational energies of the body. As the demand for crystal healing massages continues to see a remarkable increase, it wouldn’t be a surprise if more spas soon offered this treatment.

The spa industry continues to grow, which is no surprise, especially now that people have realized the importance of pampering not only their bodies but also their minds. As new techniques are developed and new tools are made, these trends will continue to shape the massage therapy industry as you know it, not just today but even in the near future, offering more perks and exciting benefits.


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