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Google’s Year In Search 2020 provides a glimpse into the questions, fears and anxieties that people had in a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic. Google: 2020 trends in the world of travel …

“The most human trait, is to want to know why,” begins the voice-over in Google’s retrospective video, which has been viewed a whopping 10 crore times on YouTube. “And in a year that tested everyone around the world, ‘why’ was searched more than ever.”

Watch the video to find out some of the most-searched questions on Google this year:

In a year defined by the pandemic, it is not surprising that Covid-related searches took the centre stage. One of the most-searched questions on Google: Why is it called Covid-19?

Questions like, “Why Black lives matter” and “Why is Australia burning?” also highlighted important events and movements we saw in 2020.  

In India, the number of searches for Indian Premier League surpassed those for coronavirus. One of the top trends in India was “How to make paneer” – presumably thanks to the lockdown. Globally, a heartwarming search term cropped up. The world searched “how to help” more than ever. 

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Google: 2020 trends in the world of travel …

While “coronavirus” was the top trending search worldwide, the pandemic has obviously had an impact on the trending travel questions this year. Questions that were asked repeatedly included “where can Americans travel right now?” and “when will international travel resume?” People searched for answers to questions around “is it safe to travel?” as well as specific questions around whether Mexico and Hawaii were open for travel. They were also curious about “when will travel restrictions be lifted?”

When we weren’t finding new recipes or trimming our own bangs, we explored virtual ways to stay entertained and connected. Top trending searches around the world “virtual” included field trips, museum tours and tours, as we searched for travel experiences in online formats.


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