Originally built as a 16th-century Jesuit monastery, Grand Hotel Cocumella – Sorrento, Italy sits right on the cliff edge surrounded by wonderfully manicured gardens full of flowers and overlooking the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

This hotel is an island of peace and beauty in the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula; the garden is the jewel’s crown, with its Mediterranean flora, citrus orchard, lush flowering plants, bright colours, and tropical scents.

When the building was used for the hotel accommodation, the park was certainly designed following the rules of Romantic fashion: winding and shade-giving boulevards, lawns, pergolas and bright open spaces.
Now it is home to a true collection of local and exotic plants.

Here guests love to wander and relax in the soothing quiet until reaching the sweeping terrace over the sea, where they are treated to an unforgettable vie.

The atmosphere at Grand Hotel Cocumella is friendly and welcoming with staff noted for their helpfulness.


Grand Hotel Cocumella is the oldest hotel in the Sorrento peninsula.
Its name originates from the nymph “Colomeide” (honey hill) so called by the Jesuit fathers for its favourable position and for the fertility of its orange and lemon orchards.
Others believe that the name has another antique origin deriving from the coccume, vases of hearthwater with spout and handle used to contain water that were produced here. The discovery of the caves confirm this second hypothesis.

The roman cistern, used to accumulate a remarkable quantity of spring water which even supplied the villa of emperor Tiberius on Capri, has now been transformed into a large conference room.

The antique cloister with a volcanic grey tuffo stone well in the centre is today a wonderful dining room that still preserves its historic monastic atmosphere.
The annexed chapel, a real jewel, is usually used for concerts which are numerous during the summer season.

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The ancient cloister and church, its elegant rooms, the silence of its gardens, the spectacular terrace and suggestive coves that descend to the sea, have all welcomed in more than 200 years the most illustrious travellers of the Grand Tour – from Goethe to Mary Shelley to Hans Christian Andersen and Sigmund Freud – and conserve to this day the wonders and the precious heritage of the history and art of all times.


Guest rooms at the Grand Hotel Cocumella are perfect jewels, each one unique and luxurious, with sea view, garden view or citrus grove view.

Walnut furniture, old majolica, frescoed ceilings, gilded mirrors and antiques stamp the period finesse that blends with modern amenities in every guest room.

The atmosphere of the ancient Jesuit residence, its discreet and quiet interior, mingle with the Mediterranean style and the standards of contemporary hospitality, ensuring you a stay unique in its kind.

Choose among Classic, Deluxe rooms, Junior Suites and Suites the one that perfectly meets your needs. Noise, stress and chaos are the words that you will easily forget.


The gourmet cuisine of the Grand Hotel Cocumella is eclectic and varied. Without leaving out the rich tradition of the territory, it keeps always an eye on the new sparks in order to offer you dimensions of experience.

All three Grand Hotel Cocumella’s restaurants can rely only on the excellent raw material, coming from its organic vegetable garden too.

Restaurant Scintilla

Mediterranean cuisine, local specialties and international classics make up the menu of Scintilla, the stylish evening hangout of Grand Hotel Cocumella in Sorrento.

Surrounded by the serenity of the park and by the glow of fireflies, guests will enjoy a cozy and intimate location for a dinner by candlelight.

During the day you’ll be also welcome to enjoy cocktails and drinks accompanied by tailored finger food, tapas and creative snacks.

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The Citrus Grove

There is nothing better in the summer than to take a break in the shade of the orange trees.
The Citrus Grove restaurant, located a few steps from the pool, is in the heart of the park, the ideal place for a Mediterranean buffet.

It offers dishes prepared with vegetables picked from the nearby organic vegetable garden as well as a selection of traditional Italian main courses, barbecued meat and wood oven baked pizza, one of the most famous specialty of the Neapolitan traditional cuisine.


Coku is the first Robata restaurant in Italy, a new gastronomic benchmark that integrates, in a modern way, two distant traditions: the Mediterranean and the Japanese.
A beautiful location – the Grand Hotel Cocumella terrace overlooking the sea – welcomes guests to enjoy, from sunset, a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples. The raw material – rigorously local – is reinvented thanks to techniques and oriental recipes that highlight its valuable and unique quality.

The robata is a particular kind of grid used in the Japanese Cuisine of the northern areas. The cooking method is one of the most ancient of the Japanese tradition: the heat of the griddle permits a very slow cooking of food. The result is courses with a delicate taste, ideal to bring to the table well-being, simplicity and the unique flavours of the Mediterranean.


Following the boulevards of the garden, in a hidden corner, you arrive at the hotel gym and the nearby spa.
Guests have free access to both and they can carve out some time for their own well-being. It is possible to request massage programs and face or body treatments and also avail Turkish bath, sauna and jacuzzi pool.


Lunch under the orange trees around the pool.
Charter the hotel yacht for a trip to Capri. On your return, play tennis or walk in Grand Hotel Cocumella’s beautiful grounds through wisteria, roses, camellias, geraniums and magnolias.

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In the evenings, Scintilla Restaurant serves Mediterranean haute-cuisine, or, during the summer try exciting Coku, a Japanese-Mediterranean fusion restaurant.


The small stretch of sand is still there and it’s accessible just like the hotel’s private solarium, using the lift or through a picturesque passage carved into the rock.

The Olympic swimming pool

Surrounded by the greenery of the park amidst the fresh scent of the orange blossoms, the semi-Olympic swimming pool is the ideal place for a relaxing break in the shade of the orange trees.

Cooking Class

Directed by Grand Hotel Cocumella’s chefs, it is ideal for those who want to learn how to cook typical Neapolitan recipes in a fun way, in an informal and stimulating atmosphere.

VERA 1880

Among the most rare proofs of the ancient North European maritime art, the ketch Vera is now one of the most exclusive and ancient ships sailing the Mediterranean.
With a careful restoration work of the original rigging – starting from the hand-sewn sails of duradon to the rigging operations with block and tackles , from the hemp ropes to the polished and cozy interior of the ship, Vera preserves the charm of a bygone era, a strong nautical reliability and the professional service of the northern sail-boat.

“Vera” is at guests disposal for day tours in the Bay of Naples and along the Amalfi Coast or it can be rented for short cruises and events.


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