Here's How and Where You Can Travel in 2021

Vacation travel of all kinds has been tremendously affected by the global Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 and 2021. Whether you’re planning a trip bought through a luxury travel auction or simply want to hop on a flight to the nearest sunny overseas beach, you need to know what countries are restricting what and which travellers can go where.

Just how much as COVID affected travel and made advance research necessary? Well, according to the latest IATA (International Air Transport Association) statistics for 2020 numbers, the past year was the single worst in the history of airline travel in terms of demand decreases.

Airline bookings dropped by a whopping 75.6% from their 2019 numbers. That has not happened since a major commercial airline industry has existed on this planet. It’s a grim number for vacation travel and the vacation industry as a whole.

Not all the news is bad though, because while hundreds of millions of people postponed or cancelled trips in 2020, others were still able to plan their own vacations for this year. According to the same IATA research, bookings in 2021 are already up by 50.4%, showing a resurgence of vacation flights.

If you yourself or your family members and traveling companions have already been vaccinated, it’s now safer than at any previous point during the pandemic to travel. Even more reassuring is the very fact that global vaccinations are underway and increasing daily by tens of millions worldwide.

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This alone nearly ensures that new and severe flight or travel restrictions won’t surprise you half way through your own future trip, or require you to cancel anything you’ve booked now.

This interactive map from the IATA itself offers a comprehensive clickable guide to how all countries allow entry and under what conditions. Here’s our own distilled selection of some of today’s best places to visit and luxury travel auctions to book.

Where You Can Travel To

Many countries are opening their borders to tourist travelers but doing so with certain specific restrictions. This applies to several European, Asian and North American vacation destinations.


One especially good piece of news for fans of European luxury vacations is that travel between member states of the European Union is much less restrictive than previously. Furthermore, many countries such as France, Italy, Germany and Spain among others are planning on opening even further to tourism by April of 2021. This means that your planned Italian cultural tour vacation or Spanish resort trip are now much more plausible.

If you’re a resident of any other European Union Country, travelling between them to any other EU state is even easier and lower booking prices for flights, trains and rentals are something you should take advantage of now.

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North America

Not all North American destinations are opening up equally, and both the U.S and Canada remain under closure to many foreign travelers without residency permits. However, among the Latin American and Caribbean countries of the continent, some of the least restrictive COVID travel rules in the world can already be found.

Mexico in particular has been extremely open for international holiday travel and offers some of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world for your next elegant vacation trip. Luxury travel auctions to lovely destinations such as Los Cabos are already open for bids.


The vast Asian continent saw many countries react exceptionally quickly and efficiently in their efforts to slow down the spread of the pandemic, As a result, several were able to reopen much quicker than other parts of the world.

For this reason, exquisite cultural destinations in JapanThailand and other countries in the Southeast Asian region are available as superb escape destinations for beaches, city strolling and taking in cultural sights. The worldwide decease in tourism should make many particularly famous landmarks, beaches and cities even more attractive than ever due to lower crowding.

Thailand in particular remains extremely open to international tourists and allows for stays of up to 45 days to visitors from most European, North American and other Asian countries.

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Basic Luxury Travel Restrictions to Keep In Mind

The worldwide COVID restrictions on travel are fluid and subject to very rapid changes. Most current tendencies are heading toward ever broader tourism reopenings for the spring and summer months and restrictions in most countries are set to ease considerably by then, particularly in April.

Despite all this, you should check the specific rules for your favorite destination with its consular officials if possible, and COVID testing at a certified laboratory is still a must immediately before any trip to many regions for the sake of documentary proof of a negative result.

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