Here’s What You Need to Know About Planning a RTW Trip

No two travels are the same. For some, it means, a relaxing beach trip for a week, while others put on their hiking shoes for a quick weekend getaway. And then some prefer an RTW or round-the-world trip that is a vacation of its own league. 

Adventurous and sometimes time-constrained jet-setters customize the number of cities they add to their bucket list, with the trip taking anywhere around two weeks to six months. 

But the mere thought of planning an RTW trip can get a bit overwhelming for some travellers. You need to move several pieces here and there and keep track of several itineraries. 

To help you get started, here are some of the things you should know about planning an RTW trip:

Determine How Much Time You’ve Got for the Trip

Time constraints are both a curse and a blessing. Knowing how much time you can allot for your RTW trip will make it easier for you to book your flights and accommodation. But time limits can make travellers assume that they should fit ten countries in a two-week trip. 

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Check your list of destinations then rank your top favourites. Ponder on your daily itineraries and set aside time for aimless wandering. Trying to pack your vacations with endless activities may feel like work when you got a lot of things to do. 

Some travellers prefer breaking double digits while others might opt to visit three cities during their trip to get a better feel of the destinations. 

List Your Favourite Top Destinations

Here’s What You Need to Know About Planning a RTW Trip

Now, you don’t need to consult your map just yet. Take note of the places you wish to go to. Try to be as specific as possible. For example, a visit to the holiday markets of Vienna or the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro can help you reach an educated decision when booking your plane ticket. 

Plot It Out on a Map 

After you have chosen your favourite destinations, it is now time to plot them on a map. Note your destinations about the major flight hubs such as Berlin, Paris, and London in Europe and Sydney and Hong Kong in the Pacific Southeast. 

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Flights are often cheaper to major destinations. Travellers can choose smaller regional flights and ground transportation to reach their destination of choice.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Planning a RTW Trip

Book Your Tickets 

You have now reached the exciting part. It’s finally time for you to book your flights! There are several different ways of booking your itinerary.

The best way is to buy a round-the-world (RTW) plane ticket through a single airline alliance. These are confederations of several different airlines that make it simple to maximize the number of places you can travel and pay for it all in one place or with points. There are three primary airline alliances to choose from: Star Alliance, OneWorld and SkyteamStar Alliance is a coalition of 26 airlines that fly to 1300 airports in 98% of the world’s countries. OneWorld includes 14 airlines traveling to 1100 destinations in 180 territories. Skyteam is made up of 19 airlines that serve 1000 destinations in 170 countries.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Planning a RTW Trip

The main rule is to follow one global direction (east or west – no backtracking); you must also start and finish in the same country; furthermore, you must book all your flights before departure, though you can change them later (paying additional charges). Typically you have one year to get from your starting point to the finish line.

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Longer trips that will take you across continents might require professional help. Travellers can work with a travel agent that specializes in RTW adventures. With the help of these experts, you can be sure that everything will be accounted for during your trip and nothing will go amiss, especially when it comes to tickets and other necessities.


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