Here's Why You Will Love a Trip to Lake Lucerne

Famous names including Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria were enticed by the charming beauty of Lake Lucerne, and no one can blame them. Aside from being one of Switzerland’s most beautiful lakes, Lake Lucerne is also one of the biggest and most diverse. 

If you are planning a one-of-a-kind trip, Lake Lucerne is a great spot to consider because of its gems and treasures.

Explore the Most Beautiful Village of Bauen

Bauen is located directly on Lake Lucerne, or more specifically on the Lake of Uri. Only accessible by boat or car, the beautiful village doesn’t have a bus service. However, the southern charm of the village is not like anything else on Lake Lucerne.

Here's Why You Will Love a Trip to Lake Lucerne

Southern plants and palm trees are abundant here, exuding a flair of dolce vita when combined with the beauty of the lake itself. The old houses in the village are also very memorable, bearing names such as Schiller. 

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Experience Tranquility in Greppen

Another pearl on Lake Lucerne, Greppen is found next to Küssnacht am Rigi. Unlike Küssnacht which sees busy summers, Greppen has its own unique tranquility.

Here's Why You Will Love a Trip to Lake Lucerne

It is a dreamlike place that will lure you to go for a swim and simply enjoy this small but nice spot. Greppen avenue which leads to Lake Lucerne is another striking feature. The town is best reached by busy but there are 1 to 2 boat trips daily during summer. 

Enjoy the View of Lake Lucerne at Hinterbergen

Hinterbergen is another gem that is somehow a bit overshadowed by Rigi, its big sister. However, Hinterbergen is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Here's Why You Will Love a Trip to Lake Lucerne

An adventurous gondola will take you at breakneck speed up the steep slope. If you have a fear of heights, don’t worry because you can always hike up. The moment you reach the top, you will be welcomed by the out-of-this-world views of the sparkling Lake Lucerne and the gorgeous Swiss Alps. 

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Bask in the Beauty of Lake Lucerne at Niederbauen Chulm

Aside from the panoramic view of Lake Lucerne at Hinterbergene, you can also enjoy the views of the lake at Niederbauen Chulm. A short cable car ride starting from Emmerten is the fastest way to reach this mountain.

Here's Why You Will Love a Trip to Lake Lucerne

A restaurant awaits you at the mountain station, and according to some insiders, it is one of Switzerland’s best mountain restaurants. You can also reach a stunning meadow in just a matter of minutes if you like to go for a stroll. Parachutes also take off here when the weather is fine. 

Turn Your Dreams into Reality at Seelisberg

Rounding up the main reasons why you will surely love a trip to Lake Lucerne is none other than the dreamlike place of Seelisberg. The town has its own beautiful lake Seeli that attracts visitors. While the bathing area requires you to pay an entrance fee, you can look forward to enjoying a natural jewel.

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Here's Why You Will Love a Trip to Lake Lucerne

You can also hike to Rütli, the origin of Switzerland. Both tourists and residents should see and visit this historic site even once.


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