Exploring Ancient Wonders: The Mekong's Lost Civilization Cruise Aboard the Heritage Line Jayavarman

Experience unparalleled luxury aboard the Heritage Line‘s flagship, the Jayavarman, often hailed as the pinnacle of Mekong River cruising. Every moment on the Jayavarman, from lounging on your private balcony with a fresh, locally-sourced cocktail to witnessing the sun dip below the horizon against a backdrop of the Mekong’s enchanting countryside, is steeped in opulence.

Named in honour of Angkor’s most celebrated king, Jayavarman, who was a devout Buddhist reigning from 1181 to 1218, this vessel embodies the splendour and spirituality of its namesake. The Jayavarman’s design, inspired by both the historic Khmer monarch and the elegance of the 1935 French cruise liner Normandie, seamlessly blends the art deco sophistication of the 1930s with the mystique of Indochina, offering a unique journey from My Tho to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The ship itself is a veritable floating art gallery, adorned with intricate woodcarvings, Khmer bas-reliefs, and Vietnamese lacquer paintings that showcase the region’s rich arts and culture. Spanning three-and-a-half decks, the Jayavarman offers ample space and amenities for guests to enjoy, including the Henry Mouhot Lounge filled with Khmer artifacts, the Club 1930 Bar for socializing, the Indochine Dining Hall for exquisite meals, and the Apsara Spa for rejuvenating treatments. The top sun deck, featuring a Jacuzzi pool, provides unrivaled views of the vibrant delta, making every voyage an unforgettable exploration of luxury and heritage.


Spanning an impressive 57.8 meters (190 feet) in length, the Jayavarman offers 27 cabins, each exquisitely decorated to reflect the luxury and elegance of 1930s Indochina, combined with modern comforts.

Deluxe Staterooms: Located on the upper deck, the Jayavarman features 11 Deluxe Staterooms, each boasting its own balcony. These cabins are adorned with dark, antique furniture and handcrafted, rustic copper sinks in the bathrooms, evoking the rich ambiance of the 1930s Indochina lifestyle.

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Superior Staterooms: The main deck houses 14 Superior Staterooms, also equipped with private balconies. These rooms are furnished with elegant, white wooden furniture and decorated with tasteful Asian ornaments, alongside fine-art paintings adorning the walls and ceilings, offering a serene and cultured atmosphere.

Signature Suite “Bao Dai”: This suite, named after the Vietnamese king and situated on the upper deck, offers a private balcony and features a majestic dark wood king bed as its centerpiece. The room’s walls are painted in a soft saffron tone, complemented by Vietnamese-designed artifacts, creating a regal and culturally rich environment.

Signature Suite “Jayavarman”: Also located on the upper deck, the Jayavarman Signature Suite is a tribute to Khmer culture. Its most remarkable feature is a solid-wood, king-size four-poster bed, adorned with an olive-colored gypsum artwork of an Apsara dancer at the headboard, making it a stunning homage to the artistic heritage of the region.

Each cabin and suite on the Jayavarman blends historical elegance with the allure of Southeast Asian artistry, offering passengers a unique and luxurious cruising experience on the Mekong River.

Overview: “Henry Mouhot” Lobby Lounge

The “Henry Mouhot” Lobby Lounge, a tribute to the French archaeologist renowned for uncovering the majestic Angkor temple complex, offers a serene and intellectual oasis on board. This lounge is designed as an inviting space for guests to immerse themselves in reading, whether it be traditional books or e-books, surrounded by an atmosphere of historic elegance and scholarly charm.

Characterized by its rich, dark furniture complemented by harmonious Asian fabrics, the lounge exudes a sense of refined tranquility. The scent of teak wood fills the air, enhancing the experience of luxury and heritage. Above, a white ceiling contrasts beautifully with rose-painted walls, creating a visually striking space that also feels warm and welcoming.

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Adorned with a collection of remarkable Khmer artifacts, the lounge is a nod to the past French Colonial era, inviting guests to delve into history and culture in a comfortable setting. The overall ambiance is one of sophistication and cultural richness, making the “Henry Mouhot” Lobby Lounge a highlight of the Jayavarman experience, where the spirit of exploration and the luxury of relaxation meet.

Highlight: “Club 1930” Funnel Bar & Lounge

Step into the “Club 1930” Funnel Bar & Lounge aboard the Jayavarman and be instantly transported to the sophistication and allure of the 1930s and 1940s. This venue is designed with a classical warmth, offering an inviting atmosphere where guests can unwind with a drink in hand. The lounge area is spacious and airy, providing the perfect setting for guests to relax and admire the ever-changing landscapes of the Mekong River as they glide by.

Feature: Indochine Dining Hall

The Indochine Dining Hall stands out as a marvel of design and atmosphere. Bathed in natural light during the day, it offers a serene dining experience that transitions into a romantic ambiance come evening, courtesy of its antique ceiling lights. The hall’s enchanting environment is sure to impress, making every meal a memorable part of the journey. This blend of natural and carefully crafted lighting, alongside the hall’s elegant decor, ensures that dining aboard the Jayavarman is nothing short of spectacular.

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The Apsara Beauty and Wellness Spa

Exploring Ancient Wonders: The Mekong's Lost Civilization Cruise Aboard the Heritage Line Jayavarman

Nestled in a serene spot at the front of the main deck, The Apsara Beauty and Wellness Spa offers a tranquil retreat for guests aboard the Jayavarman. Designed for dual occupancy, the spa provides an intimate and peaceful environment for relaxation. Guests can indulge in a variety of Asian spa treatments that blend traditional techniques with East-Western fusion therapies. From soothing foot massages to comprehensive wellness treatments, the spa is a sanctuary of rejuvenation and relaxation, ensuring guests feel refreshed and revitalized during their journey.

Exploring the Mekong with The Lost Civilization Cruise

Exploring Ancient Wonders: The Mekong's Lost Civilization Cruise Aboard the Heritage Line Jayavarman

The Lost Civilization Cruise takes you on a journey along the enigmatic Mekong River, flowing through six countries in Asia and nurturing millions with its bountiful waters. This voyage is inspired by the legendary God King of ancient Cambodia, King Jayavarman VII, who embraced the Mekong’s waters to forge the splendid Angkor civilization. As you navigate Vietnam and Cambodia’s rich landscapes, the cruise offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the heart and soul of the Mekong, uncovering the mysteries and magnificence of a river that has been a lifeline and a source of inspiration throughout history.

The Lost Civilisation Cruise includes two different routes, depending on the season and water level.


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