Hong Kong’s Top 10 Speakeasies

Speakeasies were the hottest trend during the Prohibition era, serving as the perfect hiding spot where people can fulfill drinking and social needs. 

While these illicit establishments no longer exist today, there are still a lot of contemporary bars inspired by speakeasies dotting the streets of Hong Kong where people can drink, dine, and relax. 

Here are 10 of the best picks you can visit and try during your Hong Kong trip. 

1. 001

With no signages and just an easy-to-miss doorbell that signals you found the right spot, 001 is more than worth the quest. 001 is known for producing some of the town’s best cocktails. This gives you the ultimate throwback to New York during the 1930s.

Hong Kong’s Top 10 Speakeasies

2. Little Su

A chic Hong Kong speakeasy bar in an unlikely location in one of the hippest and most happening nightclubs in the city. Paying respect to Su Xiao Xiao, the Chinese courtesan popularly named Little Su, this space gives a modern twist to sophisticated Chinese décor. 

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3. Foxglove

Foxglove concealed behind what seems to be an umbrella shop on Duddell Street oozes old-school charm and luxury. It is the perfect spot for elegant ladies and dapper gentlemen who prefer something more exclusive.

Hong Kong’s Top 10 Speakeasies

4. Frank’s Library 

To reach Frank’s Library, you need to look for a hidden bar in Foxglove, another hidden bar. It is a speakeasy that offers a menu of Japan-inspired cocktails. Get your fill of the drinks of your dreams in perfect seclusion. 

5. Please Don’t Tell

A bar within a bar, Please Don’t Tell sits in the luxury Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel to pay homage to the Hong Kong outpost of New York PDT. A secret phone booth serves as its entrance. 

6. Room 309 

To find this secret bar with an intriguing menu of invisible cocktails, you need to check into The Pottinger’s Room 309 first. With seats for only 20 people, you can never have the same cocktail experience anywhere else in the city.

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Hong Kong’s Top 10 Speakeasies

7. Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour

Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour is the hidden gem in The Landmark and is an absolute must-visit for all gin lovers. The cocktails here can cure ailments of all sorts as these are made from locally sourced and organic botanicals and ingredients. 

8. Ping Pong 129 – Gintonería

Ping Pong Gintoneria never fails to attract lots of returning customers who want some fancy tipple. This speakeasy is located in an easy-to-spot red door that leads downstairs.

Hong Kong’s Top 10 Speakeasies

9. The Old Man

A single step inside The Old Man feels like being transported to Ernest Hemingway’s world with some Asian inspiration to spice things up. 10 signature cocktails are revering the writer combined with classics and old-time favorites that all have their own twists. 

10. Back Bar

Back Bar is another hidden speakeasy that you can find through the door in an alleyway beside Ham and Sherry on Ship Street. Classic films and bootleg DVDs inspire the intriguing and witty menu of cocktails here, all crafted by Ryan Nightingale, the former bar manager. 

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Check out these 10 speakeasy bars during your next Hong Kong trip!


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