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North Korea, officially known as DPRK (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is a state in East Asia ruling the northern half of the Korean Peninsula that rests between Korea Bay and the East Sea. It frontiers China toward the north, Russia toward the northeast, plus South Korea toward the south. DPRK has got some spectacular tourist attractions, genuinely almost as spectacular as those in certain other nations.

So, how to travel to North Korea? Well, one couldn’t most likely at any point envision going as a traveler to a country that rarely referenced regarding the travel industry. 

Nonetheless, it is feasible to say, without overstatement, that North Korea is the extremely glamorous and unconventional holiday destination on offer. Tour to North Korea with an authorized traveling agency will open an entirely different world for you! 

Is North Korea Worth Seeing? 

North Korea is a country that’s barred from the rest of the world, however, hasn’t lost its allure as an exclusive tourist destination. North Korea’s travel industry area keeps on being fervent as the plenty of foreign traveler arrivals yearly. Tourist spots in North Korea are really pretty much as stunning as those in different nations. 

A few spots can help us to remember European nations. Particularly for the people who need to feel the vibe of visiting a disengaged country, such as being in another part of the planet. Nevertheless, not for those of you who have if globe-trotters and are continually searching for a novel, fresh thing for you to attempt. 

Best Activities & Tourist Attractions In North Korea 

Very few travel agents propose North Korea tour packages. However, you can in any case find it. Sad news for backpackers in light of the fact that it truly is absolutely impossible for you to have a backpacker-style holiday in North Korea. 

The handful of guidelines & exclusions that should be complied with do it better for vacationers to utilize the administrations of a travel agent to guarantee their wellbeing and security. So, below are the North Korean tourist attractions that sightseers can visit and have some good times such as: 

  • Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge
  • DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone)
  • Paektu Mountain
  • Kumsusan Palace Of The Sun
  • Ullim Waterfall
  • Juche Tower
  • Victorious War Museum
  • Arch of Triumph in Pyongyang
  • Tower Of Juche Idea
  • Koryo Museum Of Art
  • The State Circus Pyongyang
  • Chollima Statue
  • Panmunjom
  • Myohyang-san
  • Kim II-sung Square
  • USS Pueblo (AGER-2)
  • Mangyongdae Residence of Kim II Sung 
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How Can You Travel To North Korea? 

This is a realm wherein full compliance to the state is the standard. There is no ‘disagreement’ in North Korea, and voyagers should maintain this or simply not voyage there. Inquisitiveness might well get you or your tour guide exterminated in North Korea, it’s easy as pie. 

The travel industry in DPRK is not normal for anything you will have encountered elsewhere on the globe. All your movements are regulated, scrutinized & painstakingly arranged by the Régime. Maximum, if not each visit, are eventually run via the Korean International Travel Company, and it will be their tour guides who give a tour. 

Disregard any ideas of autonomous, adventure, or solo travel; it simply doesn’t work in that manner in North Korea. Travel all through the nation is just conceivable as a part of a guided tour. 

Individual travel isn’t allowed, you should not leave your lodging without a guide, you won’t be permitted to go on the public transport system by any means, and both you and your guide will be penalized in the event that you trespass the guidelines. 

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In case you are not ready to acknowledge severe restrictions on your movements & conduct, you ought not to visit North Korea. 

North Korea: Entry Limits

There are a few nationalities that aren’t allowed passage to North Korea. South Koreans haven’t authorized entry and there have been tales of troubles concerning American, Israeli, English, and Japanese nationals. In any case, in Jan 2010, North Korea lifted the limitations on American residents who are presently allowed to trip at any time of the year. 

In case you are a US passport holder, be conscious you should have special approval for the tour to DPRK from the Department of State. An expert North Korean travel service can assist you with figuring out the compound and variable regulations.

DPRK: Absolute Control

At the point when you arrive in North Korea, your guide will take your identification and save it for ‘security reasons’. Ensure your passport looks nice and doesn’t contrast with the most well-known passports from your country. 

Likewise, DPRK border authorities regularly confiscate tourists’ cell phones upon arrival; give back the phone just upon departure. 

You won’t approach any person or thing that isn’t important for your approved visit. You won’t get any knowledge of how native North Korean individuals live. Your visit will be profoundly arranged to visit just approved destinations, shop in permitted stores, and talk just to official guides. 

Try not to defy any of the guidelines of the visit; doing as such will put your guide in danger. He/she will be exposed to detainment and even torture, for helping your ‘reconnaissance’. Do what the guides do, acclaim each stop on your visit, and memorize the rule, ‘In the event that you don’t have anything great to say, don’t say it by any means.’ 

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What Vacationer Regulations For North Korea? 

Possibly for certain individuals, traveling in North Korea is just like searching for death. Indeed, it’s valid, DPRK is to be sure a closed nation, and you can state there are a lot of protocols. Certainly, even numerous North Korean residents are apprehensive. 

North Korea has begun to open up with foreign travelers. Yet, the standards forced are additionally plentiful! You can’t be allowed to get things done however you see fit when journeying in another country. You fascinated? Hitherto, first, you need to see the guidelines that you should comply with are: 

  • Transportation the whole excursion will begin from China 
  • Apply for a traveler visa
  • Wherever should be joined by authorized government tour guide 
  • Directions for journalists and the codes of photography 
  • Sightseers don’t utilize local currency


Albeit North Korea’s boundaries have been shut to outsiders as a security measure during the pandemic, in case you are fascinated and are an inmate of adrenaline, learning the regulations about the nation and arranging your excursion from now into the foreseeable future will just benefit you. 

Since great planning can produce discipline. Furthermore, just discipline and compliance can bring you back securely. In case you aren’t ready to acknowledge strict restraints on your actions, conduct, and freedom of expression, you ought not to make a voyage to North Korea. All the very best!


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