How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Private Jet?

Chartering a private jet is ideal for luxury travelers who want to skip security lines, avoid cramped seats, etc. Furthermore, the demand for private jets is on the increase due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a first-time traveler, you may wonder how much it costs to charter a private jet. There are several things that will determine the cost of a private jet charter, such as size, distance, and so on. 

In this article, we will help break down everything you need to know about the cost of chartering a private jet. 

How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Private Jet?

According to Air Charter Service, a private jet charter company, the cost of a smaller jet plane (4-6 passengers) is around $1300-$3000 per flying hour. However, mid-size jets (up to 9 passengers) cost around $4000-$8000 per flying hour, while larger private jets (14-19 passengers) cost $8000-$13000 per flying hour. 

What Is Included In Your Private Charter Cost? 

At an hourly flight rate, the cost of basic necessities that are needed for operating an aircraft, like airport handling fees, current fuel price, and salary of the pilot and crew member, are included. However, the hourly rate will not account for some other common fees associated with charter jet flights, and it is best to know these before planning a luxury trip. 

Additional Charges to Consider When Booking 

Some of the additional charges to consider when chartering a private jet are: 

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International fees: Extra fees may be incurred when you charter a private jet for international flights based on your destination. When planning an international trip, it is best to talk to your travel agent or booking service to know the fees to expect. 

In-flight catering: Taking an onboard meal on a longer luxury flight is necessary. Most private jet charters offer a wide range of catering services, from light snacks to fine dining, all for an additional fee. However, the fee of in-flight catering will depend on the quantity and type of food and beverages ordered.

Repositioning flights: You will pay extra fees if you are chartering a private jet for a one-way flight. The fee is for the pilot to return to base or reposition the plane to another airport for the next pickup. However, repositioning flight fees is usually at a discounted rate.

Airport parking fees: You will need to pay airport parking fees if you stay for multiple days in a destination that is not the aircraft’s home airport. This is because the airport will charge parking fees to help house the jet during the trip’s duration.

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Overnight cabin crew fees: You may need to pay compensation to the pilot and cabin crew for overnight accommodation and other expenses when chartering a private jet for a round trip.
Federal excise tax and segment fees: generally, all private flights flying within the US will pay federal excise fees and segment taxes. 


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