How to Attend the Royal Ascot & What to Expect

The Royal Ascot is the most popular and most valuable race meeting in Britain. Attracting over 600,000 guests yearly, including horse racers from all over the world, monarchs, and members of the royal family, this event is unarguably one of the most distinguished race meetings in the United Kingdom.

The racecourse was founded in the early 1700s by Queen Anne and ever since then, other monarchs have given it their patronage. 

The event runs for 5 days in the month of June with each day boasting of different and unique activities. 


Here are some of the activities and events to be expected from the meeting :

The Royal Procession

The first day of the event is defined by the Royal Procession in which the Queen and other members of the royal family arrive in the Royal Landaus. Their arrival is always accompanied by the raising of the Royal Standard and playing of the National Anthem.

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Exquisite and Elegant Modes Of Dressing

The Royal Ascot is an opportunity to see unique and exquisite modes of dressing. Four enclosures are usually present at the Royal Ascot and each of them have different Dress Codes.

For men, the Royal Enclosure allows only black, navy, or grey morning dress combined with a top hat. And for the females, formal daywear and a hat whose diameter’s base is no lesser than 4 inches. 

The Queen Anne’s Enclosure mode of dressing is not as strict as the Royal Enclosure’s own, however, formal dressing is still required. Women must be dressed formally at all times and have their hats on, while the men are to wear a full-length suit with a collared shirt, tie, and socks covering the ankle.

How to Attend the Royal Ascot & What to Expect

The Village Enclosure is also like the Queen’s Enclosure, howbeit less formal. Women are required to dress formally and with a hat and the men must be on full-length trousers, ties, jackets, and socks that cover the ankle.

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The last Enclosure is the Windsor Enclosure and no formal Dress Code is required.

The Ladies Day which takes place on the third day of the event is also a day where high fashion in women clothes and hats are glamorously displayed.

Prestigious and Valuable Horse Races

This is one of the major highlights of this meeting. With over 500 horses racing and competing against each other, there are up to 18  different horse races with a mouth-watering prize money of about $9.6 million in total. The most prestigious race is the Gold Cup race. It is staged for 2 and a half miles and is open to horses aged 4 years and above.


The Royal Ascot is an extremely popular and high-class event, thus its attendance is highly sought. There are everyday tickets to each of the events and these tickets are usually quickly sold out. Especially tickets to glamorous events like Ladies’ Day.  The tickets only offer access to three of the enclosures, the Windsor Enclosure, the Village Enclosure, and Queen Anne’s Enclosure.

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The Royal Enclosure is strictly by invitation from an existing member only.


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