How to Become a Luxury Travel Advisor - Black Platinum Gold

A lot of perks await a luxury travel advisor. Apart from visiting hotels or resorts for free, you may also get a good discount, especially when you’re connected with an established agency.

Do you want to work as a luxury travel advisor? We’ll tell you how in this helpful guide. 

Commitment and Love for Travel

You’ll need two things to succeed in luxury travel: commitment and your love for travel. While you can strive in the industry by just being committed to your chosen career, it can immensely help when you have a passion for travel, specifically luxury travel. The job entails doing research on the best luxury destinations that you want to sell to clients — and when you love to travel, doing all your work tasks from reading about a destination or trying to come up with a better way to sell to clients won’t feel like work at all. It will be both fun and income-generating experience for you. 

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Decide on a Niche

While luxury is already a niche, consider narrowing it down. Perhaps you would like to focus on luxury wedding or honeymoon destinations, luxury destinations in a certain country, or luxury travel for business people. Focusing on a specific niche makes it easier to reach out to your target audience. You can fully concentrate on this chosen niche and become an industry expert. If you’re already an established luxury consultant or advisor, expansion is always possible. 

Start a Blog 

Having a narrowed niche makes it easier to describe what you are selling to customers. Consider writing about luxury travel in your blog to attract more clients. If you have some insights to share, such as helpful tips on packing or top destinations to visit, make them available to your clients. Ask for their email addresses or contact info in exchange for a free travel resource. Make sure that you reach out to them and introduce what you are selling. Your blog can help you generate leads that may likely convert to a sale in the future. 

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Market Your Services

To help you sell more luxury destination packages to clients, consider marketing your services to potential customers. Utilize social media for posting the travel packages you are selling. Don’t forget to ask for referrals from your previous clients or people in your network. If you were able to generate leads from your blog or website, constantly reach out to them. Send out emails about your favorite destinations or when you’re offering discounts. 

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you’re a first-timer, we recommend that you work with an agency. An experienced travel advisor can give you more tips on how to sell better and grow your clientele. Remember, it’s essential to effectively communicate added value to your customers.


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