How To Explore The World Through Food

A journey into another culture is more than just visiting landmarks. Interaction with locals and their cuisine impacts how you think about that place, its people, what it means for your future travels in general – even if only slightly at first!

A person’s relationship to food changes drastically when they move abroad; learning new recipes can provide insight into both local cultures and one’s evolution over time. Traveling opens doors both geographically and mentally: seeing places up close gives life substance instead of being marked off an international checklist after landing safely back home again.

The global tourism industry has grown exponentially in recent years, but many cultures are losing their traditional cuisine to make way for what the traveler might enjoy; despite this, many countries still uphold their culture. Next time you visit Mexico, Italy, India, and Thailand, try these typical delicious foods! 

Enchiladas in Mexico 

Mexico is a paradise for foodies, with the world’s most popular destination attracting visitors from around to enjoy its unique flavors. The intense flavours found in Mexican cuisine make it an irresistible destination for visitors looking to take their memories with them on vacation.

How To Explore The World Through Food

Enchiladas are delicious Mexican food that dates back to Mayan times. They’re similar to tacos but with a lot more cheese and spice! It all started in the Valley of Mexico where they would eat this small fish wrapped into corn tortillas – nowadays, both types can be found on menus everywhere; usually filled with meat or seafood mixed up together with beans either underneath as well as over the top for added flavor points—or vegetables if you prefer them green instead. It is finally topped off nicely by some creamy sauce making your mouth water.

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Enchiladas are a dish that packs vitamin B6. The health benefits of this nutrient have been ranked as Grade-B on nutrition value charts, and one serving (100g / 3.5 oz) contains 164 calories with more than 13% protein; it’s also high in calcium, 1/5th all you need for the day per serving! Manganese is also present—a key ingredient found abundantly within these Mexican favorites—and riboflavin and copper. 

Risotto in Italy 

Italian cuisine has been a staple in the world for centuries. The variety of dishes enjoyed all over Italy can be attributed to its rich geographical location and unique seasonal ingredients, which make each region’s contribution feel like it was specifically tailored just for you!

How To Explore The World Through Food

Risotto is a favourite Italian food item that many people around the world enjoy. Many prefer risottos with expensive ingredients, such as saffron, for instance in Risotto alla Milanese, or even just using rice instead of barley if they can afford it! 

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Rogan Josh in India 

Indian food is the best in all of Asia. It has an unbeatable combination of spices and flavours, which you can’t find anywhere else! Each region offers something different from other regions. Some of the spices are made from scratch, while others are imported. 

How To Explore The World Through Food

Rogan Josh is a dish that tastes buds on an aromatic journey. The spices are robust, making this one of Kashmir’s signature dishes. It is traditionally made using lamb, mutton, or goat meat, with other aromatic ingredients like fennel seeds, garam masala, bay leaves, and turmeric. It can be best paired up with butter naan or paratha buttered bread made from fermented dough. 

Rogan Josh is a dish that’s not just full of flavor but also has many health benefits. It contains nutrients like vitamin B12 and iron for healthy blood cells, zinc to help regulate immune function in your body, and phosphorus, which helps with bone growth! The curry can provide essential amino acids necessary when building muscle mass or if you’re recovering from an illness. 

Pad Thai in Thailand 

Thai cuisine is a popular and aromatic experience. The food has exotic flavors, with the fragrance filling your nostrils as you walk through any alleyway in Thailand’s cities – which often results in stopping at one of many stalls along the way for some great eats!

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How To Explore The World Through Food

Pad Thai is a popular dish among tourists who are starting their exploration of Thai cuisine. The noodles, which can be small or wide with crunchy beansprouts and onions cooked in an egg sauce, come from one pot cooking on stovetop wok accompanied by fish sauce alongside fried garlic cloves as condiments depending on what flavor others prefer such as lime wedge added onto plate last minute though not always if they’re vegetarian!

Although the ingredients in pad Thai are generally pretty healthy, the calories can still add up fast. Just one cup of a typical pad Thai has about 400 calories and 17 grams of fat, as well as loads of sodium. To balance it out, try ordering yours with an extra serving of steamed vegetables to mix in.


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