How to Start a Successful Travel Blog

Who doesn’t dream of traveling the world? These days, it has become more possible than ever. After all, it only takes a few clicks to book your next trip. 

This is why it is also no longer surprising that travel blogs are also on the rise. If you are a certified jetsetter yourself, the good news is that starting your own travel blog has become easier than you think. 

Here are some tips on how to start a successful travel blog to help you take off in no time!

Pick Your Name

One of the first and most important things you need to do is decide on your blog’s name. Choose something that will best describe you as a traveler and match your blog’s style. Pick a name that is easy to remember and can be used as your URL name. The name must also be quick to type in the search bar and web browser friendly. 

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Create Your Blog

The next step is to create your blog. You can do it using website services like HostGator or Bluehost, for example. All you have to do is sign up, choose a package suitable for you and your budget, and buy it.

How to Start a Successful Travel Blog

Take note that for this guide, you might want to choose an option that will automatically set up WordPress for you. You also need to use these services to purchase and link your URL. 

Use WordPress

After you are all set up, you are now ready to start building your travel blog. Decide on a theme. It can be anything you like that suits your personal style and preference. To get a few ideas, just search for the keyword travel blog WordPress theme and it will give you thousands of results. 

When you are done installing the theme, you can proceed to create the pages of your travel blog. Again, you can search online to learn how to do it according to the exact style you want. 

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Write Your Content

When you are done setting up your blog, you can start writing the blogs and content that your followers and readers will want and be interested to read. For example, if you are currently on a trip, you can create pages that talk about the first leg of your trip. If your travel won’t be happening in weeks, you can start writing about your plans.

How to Start a Successful Travel Blog

This part of your travel blog gives you more creative freedom because you can write anything and everything you want to write about. Try to experiment first to determine what really works for you. 

Take Advantage of Online Tools

It can be a very time-consuming task to start a successful travel blog. Even if you are done setting up, you still need to post some content for your followers and readers regularly. There are online tools that will help you save time and maintain quality as well. 

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Have Fun!

How to Start a Successful Travel Blog

Once you have followed all these tips, don’t forget the most important one: have fun! Remember that the main point of traveling is that you will get out there to see and explore the big world! 


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