Indulge in Opulence at Alila Hinu Bay in Salalah, Oman

Unrolling along a natural beach on Oman’s southwest coast, just mere steps away from the Indian Ocean, Alila Hinu Bay hosts a seemingly endless bay and a private beach, upping the ante on tropical oases. A stunning beachfront resort that radiates sophistication, vibrancy, and vivacity, offering an indulgence of luscious lifestyle facilities, an ecological escape, and a glimpse into the wildlife charm that the scenic Dhofar region offers.

The hallmark of Alila is the combination of innovative design and luxury in unique locations, set apart by an unprecedented level of private space, crafted artisanship, personalized hospitality, and bespoke journeys. Alila means “surprise” in Sanskrit, which suitably describes the refreshing character of its properties and the impressions of all its guests. To support sustainable tourism, Alila Hotels adopt Earth Check operating standards, integrating the natural, physical, and cultural elements of their environments. To stay at any of Alila’s hotels and resorts is to embark on a destination experience—be it in recreating the flavors of the local cuisine, enhancing your well-being through ancient healing arts, or experiencing the thrill of adventure sports, you will rediscover the luxury of living at Alila.


Guest rooms and villas are along the natural contours of the resort, framing sublime views of desert, lagoon, or the Arabian Sea. 

The ultimate expression of contemporary style, the guestrooms and villas at Alila Hinu Bay are an exquisite composite of thoughtfully designed spaces, unparalleled quality, and comfort built for artisanal living. The resort comprises five types of guest accommodations, ranging in size from 60 to 175 sq m.

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Guests are invited to fulfill their hearts’ desire and dreams of a private romantic dinner for two or a family dinner enjoyed at their choice in many of the beautiful locations around the resort. Whether by the beach or at one viewpoint, your ordinary night memories will be tastefully carved and organized to fulfill every wish.

The bounty of the Arabian Sea is at the forefront of Seasalt, paying homage to the heritage of Mirbat as a fishing village fused with the roots of Alila. Seasalt offers a coastal dining experience featuring the freshest seafood artfully prepared with the flavors of South East Asia. 

The Orchard
Dining at The Orchard is a celebration of the Frankincense Route, one of the ancient trade routes that defined the world and which originated from what is now known as Oman’s Dhofar region. The Orchard takes you on an epicurean journey with carefully selected and crafted dishes that draw inspiration from the travels of the frankincense traders, both land and sea, with menu highlights from Oman through the Arabian peninsula all the way to the Mediterranean. 

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Lobby Lounge
Enjoy company and conversation over an exquisite array of light snacks and Middle Eastern delights while relaxing with magnificent views overlooking the Arabian Sea.


Spa Alila at Alila Hinu Bay offers guests unique and customized spa experiences in a relaxed, contemporary environment. They combined a variety of indulgent and rejuvenating spa treatments with personal consultations given by friendly and intuitive therapists.

Spa Alila fervently believes in using only natural products for spa therapies, where all products are handmade using pure, natural ingredients. In addition, the spa offers a range of yoga and meditation classes for guests who seek to invigorate their senses, along with a variety of self-care recommendations to maintain a balanced sense of well-being. The charming interiors and warm ambient lighting of Spa Alila, together with the soothing scents of essential oils, offer guests a comforting prelude to their treatments.


Alila Hinu Bay is conceived as a haven of serenity, exclusivity, and luxury where guests can witness an untouched coastline, an incredible spectrum of marine life, and natural reserves. The beachfront paradise on the Arabian Peninsula lies 87 km from Salalah International Airport, accessible by road from Muscat at 1080 km. Dhofar Governorate’s history, charm, solitude, and local hospitality take center stage.

Indulge in the greenery of Wadi Darbat valleys, discover the city of Mirbat and Shati Ad Damar, visit the shrine of the scholar Muhammad bin Ali also known as “Sahib Mirbat” who died in 556 AH, gaze upon Mirbat Castle along the old merchant houses, the Teeq Cave and Tawi Atair Sinkhole, the cave at Jabal Samhan, visit Khor Rori (the largest natural reserve in Dhofar) and the Sumhuram Archaeological Park, or mesmerise at the unique Wadi Darbat waterfalls.


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