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Okinawa is one of the most heart-calming destinations in Japan. Imagine finding exotic views of islands, diving in crystal blue waters, strolling down charming alleyways, re-visiting the ancient history of RyuKyu kingdom, and eating outlandish cuisines in one vacation trip. Cool, right?

What interests visitors more is that unlike other parts of Japan, it’s not only rich with culture, costumes, and food but also holds parts of painful historical journeys and distinctive cultures within which intensifies its beauty. 

So, If you’re heading on a luxury trip to Okinawa, let us tell you what you cannot miss!

Historical Riches Of Okinawa

Before world war II, Okinawa was a semi-independent Chinese-Japanese kingdom but was later on conquered by Japan. This history of Okinawa makes it culturally diverse, which is why we can easily find chunks of Ryukyuan, Chinese, Japanese, Polynesian, and American bits in its culture. 

To find the bits and pieces of history in Okinawa you can visit the following places:

Shurijo Castle

Shurijo Castle was the palace for the royalty of the Ryukyu kingdom for 450 years. This is why, each wall, eave, and gate of Shuri castle shows the influence of Chinese architecture. When you enter the stone-made doors and see the majestic red castle, you’ll feel like revisiting the history of Okinawa as the insides still have the heritage of the long-lost kingdom. 

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Nakijin Castle Ruins

If you’re in Okinawa for luxury travel from mid-January to February then, Nakijin is your go-to place.

There’s no doubt in the fact that the famous Nakijin castle is in ruins. Despite that, the structure, streets, and Utakis (caves) speak of their religious significance in the Ryukyu Kingdom.

If you’re lucky enough to visit this place in January-February you’ll find this place blooming with views of cherry trees which indeed is a breathtaking view.  

Cuisines Of Okinawa

No luxury travel can ever be complete without food. In Okinawan culture, you can find the abundant use of pork, ramen, Beni-Imo (sweet potato), seafood, and tofu. The cuisine of Okinawa is very different from that of Japan as the dishes famous in Okinawa are a part of its heritage. 

Some of these dishes are: 

1- Umibudo ( sea-grapes served with soy )

2- Tebichi-Jiru ( Boiled Pig’s feed with broth)

3- Goya Chanpuru ( Bitter gourd with pork belly)

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4- Hirayachi ( Okinawan pancakes/ Crepes)

If you get a chance to visit Okinawa with black platinum gold travel auctions, don’t forget to munch on these Okinawan cuisines. 

Places To Visit In Okinawa

Apart from culture, history, and cuisines, Okinawa has numerous tourist spots that can make your holidays an unforgettable experience. 

The must-visit sites of Okinawa are:

American Village

If you’re looking for a place for food, fun, drinks, swings, and shopping, American village is your destination. 

This destination has a blend of American and Japanese culture and the big Ferris wheel is the representation of it. It has the top brands of America, a seven plex theatre along with amazing American cafes that attract visitors the most.

City Of Naha 

Naha is situated in the south of Okinawa. This city is the capital of Okinawa prefecture and undoubtedly the most significant destination of Okinawa. If you’re on a luxury trip with black platinum gold travel auctions, then you can not miss out on Naha.

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In Naha, the architecture of Naminoue Shrine and Fukushu-en gardens and the blue waters of islands will leave you mesmerized by its beauty. Moreover,  Kokusai Dori shopping street will offer thousands of Okinawan goods that you can take back home

Final Words

Every city and prefecture of Japan has a taste of its own. However, Okinawa, despite being the poorest prefecture, offers peace, luxury, beauty, and heartwarming views to its visitors. This is why hundreds of visitors visit it every year. 

If you plan your next trip to Japan, make sure you keep Okinawa on the list.


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