Italy Vaccines for all tourism workers #rebuildingtravel, black platinum gold(1)

Italy – Initiative to protect tourism workers by means of ready access to the COVID-19 vaccine – Black Platinum Gold

COVID-19 vaccines for all tourism workers: this is the appeal launched by the main trade associations and shared by the trade unions in Italy. It is an initiative aimed at planning the relaunch of tourism activities under conditions of full health protection.


The employers and trade union organizations – according – stipulating the National Collective Labor Agreement that apply to companies in the tourism sector have signed an agreement to request the authorities of the sector for timely access to the COVID-19 vaccination program for workers in the tourism sector.

The agreement identifies vaccination against Sars-CoV-2/COVID-19 as a useful tool to ensure the safe operation of tourism both with reference to employees and with regard to the general population.

In consideration of the need to pay particular attention to workers in the tourism sector in the implementation of the vaccination plan, the parties request central and local authorities to include them among the priority categories for vaccination especially in light of the need to protect the activities who continue to ensure the service despite exposure to risk.

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To ensure the success of the vaccination campaign, the parties finally agreed to take action to promote, among employed workers, information and awareness campaigns aimed at vaccination against the virus in progress.

The latest mantra is “regenerative travel”, meaning trips that actively help rather than simply mitigating their negative impacts, often involving some charitable work or making contributions to fund positive projects.

Steppes Travel, for example, has formed a partnership with the European Nature Trust to offer a range of trips in which guests accompany wildlife researchers and with donations to support their work included in the cost of the holiday.

Italy Vaccines for all tourism workers #rebuildingtravel, black platinum gold(1)

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