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The Japanese Cuisine

The Japanese have a high life expectancy, higher than almost anywhere else in the world. The traditional Japanese diet consists primarily of plant-based foods with minimal animal protein and fats while relying on a rich array of seafood from deep-sea fish to soy sauce made from fermented sake yeast extractors (a type known as “koji”). This dietary pattern may provide numerous health benefits, including improved weight loss, increased nutrient absorption rates when consumed raw rather than cooked at high temperatures, longevity and improved health in general.

The Best 5 sushi restaurants in Los Angeles

When it comes to authentic Japanese cuisine, there’s no place in L.A. like the west side of town- from your local sushi bar across Little Tokyo plaza and down Beverly Hills Boulevard where you’ll find some of L.A.’s best restaurants for fresh fish perfected by veteran chefs who’ve spent years mastering their craft. 

Takami Sushi & Robata

Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant is located on the 21st floor of a high rise in Downtown LA’s Financial District. The restaurant serves fresh, quality sushi and other Japanese-influenced dishes, emphasising meats and vegetables cooked over an open flame grill called robata—meaning “steel” or red hot coal used for barbecues among its many other functions, including being able to sear food better than ever before!

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Nobu Los Angeles

This year, celebrate your engagement or special occasion at one of the most prestigious and award-winning restaurants in Los Angeles: Nobu Los Angeles. The menu features dishes created by chef-owner Nobuyoshi “Nobu” Matsuhisa, including his signature dish -toro tartar with caviar- and local specials like Wagyu tacos Seabass jalapeno miso and Kanpachi sashimi baby artichoke and Yuzu dressing too. 


Chef Naruki Matsumoto has been at the helm of this sushi restaurant for 15 years. Today, his menu offers a straightforward maki and nigiri crafted from fresh fish sourced straight out of Japan- he also does not skimp on quality! If you’re interested in learning more about what’s being served or want an omakase experience, every course has its price tag. 


Hamasaku is a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The restaurant offers traditional Japanese cuisine and California flair, with understated elegance in hospitality that reflects modern sensibilities to give you an unforgettable meal. 

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Hamasaku provides guests with heartfelt emotions through its sushi bar and sophisticated harmony when it comes time for dessert or coffee after dinner because there are so many different options available!

Katsuya L.A. LIVE

Katsuya L.A. LIVE is the perfect spot to watch your favourite game, grab a bite before or after showtime and catch all of the exciting action right outside on their patio! They feature Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi’s innovative Japanese cuisine paired with premium mixology in an elegant setting. With speciality cocktails made from scratch using fresh ingredients every day like California muddled jalapeños for “The Last Samurai”-inspired martini namesake sabering into delicate yellowtail sashimi slices drizzled by miso marinade.


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