We know that the difference between traveling in economy class and first class on is huge.

But even the most luxurious cabin class will be nothing to compare with a tailor-made journey that flies around the globe in constant five-star luxury.

Yes, imagina a state-of-the-art aircraft with an on-board chef and travel advisor, stopping in some of the world’s most iconic destinations.

This is really travelling in style.

There are essentially two ways of travelling in such opulence, each with its advantages over the other.

One option is to own, share ownership of, or hire a private aircraft, giving the traveller almost unlimited freedom, while the alternative is to join one of a growing number of tours offering around-the-world-by-private-jet experiences.

Cape to Cairo

Egypt cairo
Taking flight on October 2, 2020, travellers on this trip will fly across the African continent for 15 days taking in the colour, culture and wildlife of Africa.
Starting in Cape Town, the trip spans the Okavango Delta in Botswana then heads to the Indian Ocean port city of Maputo in Mozambique.
From there, it’s onward to Laikipia County in Kenya for epic wildlife spotting opportunities followed by a couple of touchdowns in Ethiopia.
Finally, fly into Egypt where visits to Cairo and Luxor await.
Prices start at $89,950 per person.

Winter Wonders

Taking flight on Sunday, December 1, 2020, the 14-day trip is guaranteed to get anyone in the festive spirit.

Departing from New York, travellers will head east on the hunt of the magical glow of the Northern Lights in the dark skies of Iceland and Finland.

Next up, is the Christmas markets of Copenhagen and Vienna, followed by a visit to the winery streets of Paris, before heading back to New York City.

Around the world

25-day around the world trip ($134,950), an incredibly luxurious tour around nine of the world’s most legendary places.

Machu Picchu, La Paz and Easter Island all make the cut as does Samoa, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Ankgor Wat and the Taj Mahal.

In Africa, there’s a wildlife spotting stop at the Masai Mara followed by a flight to Jordan to visit Petra and Wadi Rum.

The sensory overload of Morocco‘s colourful Marrakech is the final stop before returning to Florida.

The Seven Continents

Explora Rapa Nui - Easter Island, Chile

28-day trip: Take off from Miami and get ready to uncover the world from Egypt’s ancient Pyramids to the impressive moꞌai on Easter Island.

You’ll also get to explore Om​an where you’ll find out more about nomadic traditions.

South America’s Chile is a fantastic stop for foodies and island seekers will enjoy tours of Langkawi and Fiji.

Melbourne represents for Australia and the ethereal landscapes of Antarctica beautifully complete this seven-continent tour ($164,950).

The Crossroads of the Middle East

14-day private jet excursion that delves into the rich history of the Middle East.
Departing from London towards east where Jerusalem and Wadi Rum are on the list.
Travellers can explore ancient treasures as they journey to Egypt’s Luxor before exploring Fez in Morocco where medieval remains and cultural offerings are guaranteed to beguile.

Flavours of the World

Marina Bay Sands - SingaporeDeparting from Singapore, this 14-day, ($89,950) trip crosses six countries and incorporates some of the world’s very best gourmet offerings.

Sample street food in Singapore and explore food markets in Bangkok.

Uncover the emerging food scene in Amman, Jordan and in Georgia’s Tbilisi then enjoy Sweden‘s vibrant dining scene.

Spain is the last stop and travellers can feast on pintxo in the Basque Country and then wind things down in foodie-hotspot Madrid.

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