The Land of Chocolate is an exclusive signature journey launched by Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa which gives their guests the luxury to enjoy artisan chocolate anytime of the day.

From sunrise to sunset a series of gracious tradition is recreated, from the native Sikwate (Hot Chocolate) traditionally served in the morning to a Chocolate High Tea that goes beautifully with a leisurely afternoon and, finally, to signature Chocolate Martinis that end any evening on a pleasantly memorable note.

The Chocolate High Tea features luscious macarons, tarts, eclairs, complemented with a selection of fresh fruits, and served with premium tea or sikwate. The native Hot Chocolate is paired with the traditional Cebuano snack of biko and mango.
Also on the menu is The Chocolate Flight a delightful collection of sweets, such as almond and hazelnut layered cake, chocolate dacquoise, and the milk and raspberry cake.

There’s also a range of premium cacao-infused liquor and a comforting blend of chocolate and cream, appealingly called Cuddle in a Cup, available in the bill of fare.

This offering is the final product of two full years of careful development.

A significant element of his plan was to introduce specialized chocolate sommeliers, who are now the first of their kind, both in the Philippines and within Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.

Chocolate sommeliers Amelyn and Sheena learned of traditional chocolate-making by Raquel Choa, who is nicknamed “Chocolate Queen.” She founded The Chocolate Chamber restaurant and is credited with introducing Cebuano cacao to the world.

Another highlight is a quaint garden hideaway on the resort grounds.

The site of a young cacao farm and chocolate-making facilities, it is where the sommeliers demonstrate the traditional methods of creating chocolate from cacao beans before guiding guests through a chocolate tasting that is every bit as authentic and rooted in nature as the raw cacao from three different destinations – Cebu, Bohol and Davao – on display.

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