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Weddings are finally happening again after a year of delays, cancellations, and downsizing. Nevertheless, it would be unreasonable to expect that celebrations would simply resume as they did before. Our approach to the altar has changed since the pandemic. It is inevitable there will be more weddings held at home because lots of venues are fully booked and rescheduled events are piling up. 

As a result, there will be more weddings held at home because, over the past 13 months, couples have realized how meaningful it is to wed around a lifetime of memories rather than in an impersonal hotel ballroom.

Consequently, Vogue asked seven wedding planners about wedding trends they’re seeing for the summer and beyond—as well as what they feel is falling by the wayside. You will see their favorite wedding trends below, as well as what their clients are using this year.

Top Trends For Wedding Planning of 2021

It’s All About The Vows

As couples learn the blessing of getting together and validating their love in front of loved ones, ceremonies have become so much more important. Now that vows are a focus of planning, wedding parties are taking on a more pared-back feel.

Many couples had to keep things simple due to the limited guest counts. The time saved on make-up and hair — has given us a whole new perspective. I’m happy to see this trend continue.

Weddings have continued to become more intimate in 2021 as people appreciate and accept them. By having a smaller attendance, the couple can make sure that they spend time on special touches and details. Couples and families with COVID have the freedom to invite a smaller number of guests without the guilt of family/friend responsibilities.

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Maintain The Best Features Of Online Gatherings

The concept of virtual weddings will fade away, but the idea of live streaming the ceremony and the special moments will remain. Planners will provide the family with a real-time wedding compilation to be viewed by everyone around the globe. Those who cannot attend the wedding can see and experience the most memorable parts.

Have A Party At Home

There will be more home weddings than ever before. The advantages of a home wedding include being in full control of the place where the wedding takes place, as well as providing a special memory for your guests. 

It has always been my favorite place to create the backdrop for a wedding to be held at your home or your family’s home there is something so beautiful about seeing a bride walk down the aisle in her own home. A home wedding creates an immediate sense of intimacy and hospitality. Additionally, clients feel more in control of regulations and shutdowns if their property is affected.

Top Trends For Wedding Receptions of 2021

Getting married, exchanging vows, and sharing that first kiss is the beginning of the party! Your big day will be remembered thanks to these 2021 wedding reception trends. If you’re getting married soon, you might want to check them out. There is no end to the surprises you plan for your guests, whether it’s the decor or the menu. It’s one of the few times in life when you have the opportunity to plan the party you’ve always wanted. 

Individualized Dining

Next, is individualized dining. Cocktail hour is no longer marked by an abundance of food displays and buffets. Food is being served increasingly smaller and in individual portions to ensure safety. Providing your guests with a fun variety of flavors in a safe, sanitary manner is easy with picnic baskets, petit charcuterie boards, and small plates.

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Creative Guest List Solutions That Utilize Technology

There is no shortage of options for micro weddings, but they aren’t the only options available. Many couples plan multiple celebrations and shift weddings (with guests arriving at different times). Guests can interact with the couple before and during the ceremony by creating private Facebook groups and websites. The watch party guests will even receive swag boxes in the mail!”

Personalized Service Instead of Crowding 

Whether it is for ordering at the bar, taking a cake slice or a favor, or finding an escort card, waiting in line, or forming a crowd is pretty much a wedding mainstay. Nevertheless, social distancing is now firmly entrenched in our culture, so we can expect fewer “crowding moments” favoring more personal service. There have been many examples, including bento boxes or charcuterie boards that have replaced waiting for servers or food stations, servers taking drinks orders at the tables, plated meals becoming more common, and boxes giving guests a program, favor, and other details. Besides adding a sense of luxury to the experience, personalized service is also a security measure.  

Unique Reliance on Music and Entertainment 

Couples are using creative ways to entertain guests because dancing may be limited. In addition to music and facilitating special dances, a DJ or live band is required to act as the evening’s emcee. Couples are thinking outside the box to entertain their guests while they sit at their tables, from stand-up comedians to celebrity impersonators. 

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Restaurant-Style Seating & Menus

A plated dinner and live entertainment may become more like fine dining at weddings. Rather than placing disparate groups of people together, reception tables will be arranged based on family members’ and living situations. To minimize confusion upon arrival, table assignments may be discussed in advance and emailed to guests.

Fun and Functional Favors and Giveaways  

Angela Garcia, director of operations for Perfectly Bubbly Events, says 2021 wedding favor trends include mini hand sanitizers and masks. In addition to customizing their sanitizing stations and masks, Adams says couples are opting to present the favors as individual boxes rather than in a communal basket. The presentation of these giveaways is also a crucial consideration. As part of beautifully curated welcome baskets, favors can also be sent in advance.

Nostalgic Details   

The final trend is nostalgic details. Couples who look back on their childhoods or those of their parents, or both, will see a great deal of nostalgia throughout the rest of the year. From color schemes to clothing, the style of the 1960s and 1970s is making a big comeback. In addition to the retro-inspired food and beverages, couples are also opting for adult Pop Tarts, Dunkaroos, Capri-Suns, and more.


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