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A Basket of Happiness

Be surrounded by positive vibes and the incredible energy that comes from the region in Italy where Le Niné is created: Apulia (Puglia), Italy.

Le Niné bags are designed for a woman who loves an easy-chic look and wants her accessories to shine. Le Niné baskets, enriched with colourful stones, gros-grain ribbon handles, entirely hand-made in Italy, give the owner a cool, fun and sophisticated look, especially for those who like to play and experiment with their everyday outfits.

Le Niné baskets are a perfect accessory for both the beach and the everyday life, adding a fun, playful element to every outfit.

You’ll be seduced by their shapes and colours, carefully selected by the designers, with no limits how to use them. The colour combinations of stones and linings leave a lot to the imagination for anyone wearing a Le Niné basket.

Le Ninè Handmade Bags - Colours, Scent and Happiness from Apulia

The Inspiration: Apulia

The main source of inspiration for Le Niné collection comes from the colours, scents and happiness of the Apulia region in Italy and its bright, strong colours.

Like the green on olive trees, the oranges from the long, warm sunsets, the tomato-reds, the yellows of olive oil, the white from the white-washed trulli (ancient structures, unique to Apulia) and of course the blues from the sea.

Le Ninè Handmade Bags - Colours, Scent and Happiness from Apulia

Le Niné’ secrets

The baskets are made of Vietnamese sea-grass as the creators were originally inspired by the baskets in Vietnam used to collect rice and then design those small shapes.

Each basket is entirely hand-made.

Each basket takes 5 to 15 hours to make by expert ladies in the Apulia region of Italy, who hand-embroider crystal by crystal, beads and shells on each one of them.

Over 200 high quality crystals are hand-mounted into sew-on chatons and then hand-sewn onto the baskets.

The crystal stones are 15-faceted and come in many colours; all hand-selected and the many colour combinations put together by the creators.

The linings with draw-string closure are all hand-sewn and double: either double cotton or outside silk and cotton interior so that the contents of the basket don’t ruin the more delicate silk fabric.

The handles are all covered by hand with exclusive italian gros-grain ribbons.

Each basket comes with a duster to protect the delicate item.

Each basket comes with a detachable cotton rope so the client can decide whether to wear on her arm or cross-body.

Clients can special order with their own initials on the linings.

The tassels and the triple twisted rope are hand made in Italy too, with high quality threads.

Le Ninè Handmade Bags - Colours, Scent and Happiness from Apulia

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