Living in Dubai: No Boring Days

The popularity of Dubai first saw growth during the 1930s with a quarter of its population made up of immigrants. However, it was in the 1960s when the growth of the city really took off after the discovery of oil. 

Since then to this day, Dubai has gone through an unprecedented change with massive amounts of money being invested in development and infrastructure. As modern-day Dubai became multicultural, people cannot help but wonder about what to expect from living in the area.

Living in Dubai: No Boring Days

Whether you are travelling to the city for business or pleasure, or moving there for good, here is a quick glimpse of the everyday life in Dubai:

Following the Rules of the Country is a Must

If you want to stay out of trouble, it is a must to abide by the rules not only of the city but also of the country in general. These rules may seem a bit strange at times, like banning public displays of attention. 

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However, these are all part of Dubai’s everyday life and if you break one, it may lead to arrest or worse, deportation. Always stick to the right of the law by making sure you don’t drink in public, take photos of strangers, or buy fake goods.

Living in Dubai: No Boring Days

Dubai is a Busy City 

The residents of Dubai are so busy round the clock as they live a fast-paced way of life. They have a non-stop lifestyle, and hustle is a word often used among friends during conversations. Everyone got a long list of things to do at work, and errands they need to run. No one is spared from the Dubai hustle so better brace yourself for a busy and frequently hectic routine. 

Weekends Mean Brunch

Dubai residents love and indulge in their brunch. Don’t be surprised by the number of brunches you can attend here, often moving from one brunch to the next on Fridays. 

It doesn’t matter if you are with family, friends, or work colleagues because brunch is considered the most important meal of the day. Brace yourself because you might be brunching here more regularly than you can ever imagine.

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Living in Dubai: No Boring Days

Meet and Make Global Friends 

With expats making up over 80% of the city’s population, people who move to Dubai can look forward to making friends with people from different parts of the world. This is almost like a norm in everyday life in Dubai. Racism doesn’t have a place here, and the city welcomes all colours and nationalities.

No Boring Days 

If there is one thing that best describes everyday life in Dubai, it is the fact that it is and will never be boring at all. Whether you are just trying not to break the city’s rules, meeting people from all over the world, or hustling around the bustling city to get some things done, boredom is never a part of Dubai residents’ vocabulary. 

Sometimes chaotic, sometimes fun, and sometimes just downright crazy, the city makes sure that each resident will get some stories to tell when the day ends.

Living in Dubai: No Boring Days


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