Los Angeles Behind the Scenes | Black Platinum Gold

From the current hit TV series to the beloved classic films, Los Angeles serves as the home to studios that are behind the production of most of what you can see on big and small screens. 

If you are wondering what is really happening behind the scenes of your favorite shows and movies, studio tours can give you a sneak peek of props and sets, and if you are lucky, you might even get a glimpse of your favorite celebrities in action! 

Paramount Pictures Studio Tour

Paramount Pictures Studio founded in May 1912 is Hollywood’s longest operating studio. Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Cecil B. DeMille, Elvis Presley, Gary Cooper, Mae West, Marlene Dietrich, and the Marx Brothers have all filmed at this iconic studio lot. 

The studio also serves as the home to the elaborate New York Street backlot that transforms into 10 different neighbourhoods of New York City. This makes visiting Paramount the cheapest and fastest way to travel across the country. 

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Paramount Pictures Studio Tour has a 2-hour guided cart tour of different iconic filming spots as well as the Prop Warehouse. Your guide will also give you insights into the rich history of the studio along the way. 

Sony Pictures Studio Tour

The 2-hour walking tour of Sony Pictures gives you a glimpse of the sound stages where Spider-Man, Men in Black, and The Wizard of Oz were filmed, as well as the favorite game shows Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! were taped.

Los Angeles Behind the Scenes | Black Platinum Gold

You can even see the set of The Goldbergs or the Barbara Streisand Scoring Stage. The lot also houses a studio museum and serves as the permanent home of Breaking Bad RV. This lot of Sony Pictures Studio took over what was once MGM, with most of the buildings still boasting the same Art Deco styling which dates back to the era of Hollywood’s Golden Age. 

Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour

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For a movie-themed fun day, Universal Studios Hollywood’s one-day pass will give you access to the world-renowned Studio Tour, themed rides including Jurassic World and The Secret Life of Pets, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

Jimmy Fallon hosts the tour on video and takes you through four acres of sprawling studio lot that includes the biggest set construction project seen in studio history, constructed with creative consultation from none other than Steven Spielberg himself. 

This tour will take you to the set of Jaws, Psycho’s legendary Bates Motel, Wisteria Lane of Desperate Housewives, and the War of the Worlds plane crash scene. 

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

Los Angeles Behind the Scenes | Black Platinum Gold

Stars Hollow, Connecticut, the hometown of Gilmore Girls, is actually located on the lot of Warner Bros., with their town square set among the many soundstages and backlots you can explore during the landmark studio’s guided tour that lasts for an hour. 

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This is also the lot where they filmed The Ellen DeGeneres show as the classic film Casablanca. After the guided part of your tour, don’t forget to visit Central Perk Café, the iconic coffee shop from Friends. 

Things happening behind the scenes are as exciting as what’s captured on the camera. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy these tours for the ultimate Hollywood experience! 


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