LUX* Le Morne Resort – Tropical Mindfulness in Mauritius | Black Platinum Gold

The prestigious LUX* Le Morne Resort in Mauritius stands on one of the finest and most picturesque beach of the Indian Ocean and enjoys a unique location, between a majestic rocky mountain and a turquoise breath-taking lagoon.

This chic and serene boutique resort at the foot of Le Morne mountain calls all lovers of barefoot luxury and mindful travel. A gem that truly embodies the spirit of island living. And its postcard beach, blessed with the best sunset of the island, barely needs an introduction.

The newly re-imagined resort offers guests a fresh and contemporary identity that perfectly matches the unique flora and fauna of the surrounding lush, Le Morne, environment. 

To make this beautiful concept a reality, the services of an internationally renowned architect, Jean Marc Tang, have been retained. This native of Mauritius has spent the last 20 years of his career between London and New York, where he collaborated with prestigious international brands. 


The modern and minimalist aesthetic of each suite of LUX* Le Morne Resort is perfect for guests seeking harmony and peace.

The decoration revolves around earthy colour palette, natural themes, and curvy patterns, abundant wood and stone textures. The walls are covered in immaculate white paint to accentuate the airy space and big glass openings allow natural air to filter in, creating a positive flow of energy. The perfect balance between comfort and serenity, elegance and simplicity.

In the suites, each custom made furniture and subtle accessory feels in the right place and well thought out. While some are made from organic materials, others are nature-themed, while other evoke a beachy spirit. The living spaces will most certainly be memorable to guests, non-before hearing birds singing, palm leaves gently swaying in the wind and of course the melodic sounds of the waves gently lapping onto the beach. 

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Opening the back door invites in, a unique set up of tropical outdoor showers with large exotic plants, the front door, on the other hand, invites you on a deck overlooking the sea, all featuring an oversized terry to lie on a after a magical dip in the Indian Ocean. 

When the sun sets, sunlight often pours in through the vast windows, onto the soft bed linen creating a warm and romantic cocoon. 


East, LUX* Le Morne Resort‘s exquisite Thai restaurant, is helmed by a woman chef–somewhat of a rarity in the cooking world. Then there’s The Kitchen, the main restaurant which caters to all palates with its variety always embracing the Zero Food Waste lifestyle.

Vik’s is where you can pop by for a Ti Punch rum drink and fresh-from-the-lagoon urchin. ICI is an artisanal ice cream ‘parlour’. Keen on Green is made for those who love their greens and veggies.


LUX* Le Morne Resort – Tropical Mindfulness in Mauritius | Black Platinum Gold

The chicest café in town draws its soul from the typical Milanese cafés that line the cobbled streets of the Italian. It’s a place where one finds respite, inspiration, and fuel in the form of a perfect shot of espresso. Or two. It is where you can guzzle down a Macchiato or linger at a table and sip Aperol Spritz. Aperitivo, they say. Although coffee is served from dawn to dusk, Maison LUX* is attuned to the hour of the day: morning coffee and pastries. Afternoon tea and gelato. Come nightfall, the barista is replaced with the bartender. Drinks are poured, canapés, served. Negronis, Martinis, and Prosecco are flowing. After dinner, linger a little longer with a glass of absinthe or a digestif, and why not one of those delicate and dainty pastries in their jewel-like box? Here’s to ending the day on a sweet note.

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The Tree House is a place tucked away in between branches away from all the cacophony of the real world. A place to reconnect with nature or to see the earth from another perspective. Unique in its design and location, constructed on a native tree trunk and hovering as if by magic in the air, this beachfront setting offers the most spectacular sunsets and is the perfect viewpoint to gaze at the stars on a clear summer evening.

As for that twig of rosemary in your gin tonic? It’s from the property’s own herb garden.


From luxurious facials, massages and scrubs to invigorating yoga classes and an array of dynamic exercise programmes, LUX* Le Morne Resort‘s LUX* Me spa and fitness creates personalised experiences tailor-made to keep guests in tune with the idyllic island surrounds. 


Originally, a wedding proposal meant just getting down on one knee and popping the question. However, proposals, just like weddings, have become grander affairs. Of course, there is nothing like a simple, heartfelt proposal but if you’re looking for a story for the ages, you’ll want to go all-out. And for that, you need to plan well.

Luckily at LUX* Le Morne Resort you’ve got help: The Genie, proposal concierge, who will help craft a completely bespoke experience.

LUX* Le Morne Resort – Tropical Mindfulness in Mauritius | Black Platinum Gold

Here are some ideas: You’re having champagne at the top of Le Morne mountain at sunset and suddenly a drone dangles the ring right in front of your lover’s eyes. You’re on the beach and a plane with a “Will you marry me” flies over. Propose while skydiving or scuba-diving. Fly in a helicopter over the beach where the question is written in the sand with petals. We’re here to make sure everything goes as planned.

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LUX* Le Morne Resort – Tropical Mindfulness in Mauritius | Black Platinum Gold

LUX* Le Morne Resort is quite well known on the island for their Zero Food Waste initiative. You’re also invited to leave any unwanted clothes and they’ll make sure they get a new life (plus it leaves room in your suitcase for more souvenirs). The garnish in your cocktail likely comes from the property’s Herb Garden. Walk through it to discover all sorts of local herbs and fruits that you’ll likely stumble upon in the Keen on Green menus or in that cocktail you’re sipping.

To connect more profoundly to the eco-conscious community of travellers, LUX* Le Morne Resort joined the acclaimed IT MUST BE NOW institution, where like-minded people converge.


The Collectable Experiences offered by LUX* Le Morne Resort will change the way you holiday. They are for the dreamers, the go-getters, the eternally-curious. They are an open invitation to delve into the heart of the destination and unearth some of the most treasured findings. They are the textbook definition of “live a life well travelled”. 

LUX* Le Morne Resort – Tropical Mindfulness in Mauritius | Black Platinum Gold


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