Luxury Travel: What to Expect in 2021 and Why

As the world recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, the wanderlust in each of us grows and we dream of where our travels will take us again soon.

Are you ready to start planning your 2021 travel? Wondering where to go and what to see next?

For the inspired traveler, there are some luxury travel 2021 trends worth considering. Read on to learn more about the luxury travel destinations and the new trends in travel for 2021.

Travel to Celebrate Wellness

Maybe it’s part of our need to recover from the effects of the pandemic on our lives. Maybe people want to focus on healthy living even while traveling. 

One big trend in travel for 2021 is the focus on wellness. Destinations are offering more opportunities to focus not just on pampering, but overall wellness too. 

Travelers are planning wellness luxury retreats even for extended periods of time. For many, remote work continues. Why not focus on wellness, travel to a new location, you can bring your work with you.

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Ridesharing in the Air

2020 had many travelers wary of airports, planes, and being around so many people. If you’ve ever traveled on a crowded plane next to other inconsiderate travelers, you’ll rejoice in this next trend. 

Luxury travel experts predict a real uptick in flying via private plane to locations around the globe

One hot trend related to flying on a private plane shares the same philosophy as when you use Uber or Lyft for cars. The private jet takes passengers to their desired location and the passengers share in the cost of travel, without the hassles of a large crowded airport. 

Exclusive and Just for You

Homebound travelers have heard over and over again the importance of remaining socially distanced from others to protect themselves. This is sure to account for this next trend where travelers seek accommodations just for them.

In arranging custom luxury travel, single residence accommodations are becoming a popular choice for travelers. This allows travel to those dream locales while still remaining socially distanced. 

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Likewise, a similar trend involves expeditions and travel events arranged custom, just for them.

Remote Adventures

Remote doesn’t have to mean simple or rustic or without amenities. The newest luxury travel destinations include visiting remote locations, those hidden gems, around the world. 

Remote locations might satisfy the need to be away from people. It also allows travelers to take in the beauty of the unknown and about to be discovered places to see. 

Traveling remote means you see unspoiled locations in their truest form. 

For the refined traveler who appreciates luxury, many remote locations are creating accommodations to meet your unique expectations.

Check Out Luxury Travel 2021 Trends

With 2020 behind us, travelers are feeling the wanderlust to see the world again. Which one of these luxury travel 2021 trends will you try first?

Dreaming of your next trip in 2021? Check out the luxury travel auctions on our site. With locations around the globe, your 2021 travel will be worth remembering for a lifetime.


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