The incredible MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa is an Indian Ocean jewel located amongst the lush foliage and azure waters of Mahé island in the Seychelles. A private peninsula, with sweeping views over the Indian Ocean, MAIA is a beyond all-inclusive resort.

This exclusive premium hospitality means a truly relaxing getaway, assisted by the gentle service from a dedicated butler in your own private villa. Luxurious spa facilities, lavish fine dining options and beautiful facilities will ensure a stay unlike any other.

Guests will experience every aspect of luxury at the Maia Luxury Resort & Spa. Set on the secluded Anse Louis overlooking the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the private twelve-acre property is lushly landscaped with hibiscus, lemongrass and cinnamon.


The 30 secluded villas of MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa are each imbued with a characteristic calm ambience, and each offers a unique vantage point towards the ocean. Surrounded by the scent of lemongrass and cinnamon trees, guests cannot help but feel an immediate sense of relaxation and peace here.

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Each spacious 250m2 Villa comprises the personalized and intuitive service of a dedicated butler, an air-conditioned bedroom, including a gazebo with dining facilities, bar and voluminous day bed; a private infinity pool; concealed garden-view shower; en-suite bathroom with dual vanities and an enormous outdoor bath stocked with extravagant Hermès amenities.


The tranquility of our luxury Seychelles island spa offers you more than a place of refuge, it invites you on a journey of rediscovery.

Bird song. Waters falling down moss covered granite rocks. Gentle winds brushing leaves. These will be the only things to break your revere in our Balinese-style Spa.


Excellence in taste is not only something reserved for aesthetics. At MAIA, gastronomical pleasure is a promise.

The skilled culinary team at MAIA Luxury Resort has perfected the art of fusion cooking to create intriguing blends of flavour, texture, colour and aroma by placing an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients.

It offers Asian, Indian, Mediterranean and Creole cuisine at its finest using only the freshest ingredients. With a policy of flexibility, the chefs are afforded the freedom to satiate individual requirements and tastes.

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Garden terraces by the poolside provide a refreshing choice for those seeking intimacy.

Butler Service

Establishing itself as one of the best resorts in the Seychelles, the personalised service is second to none. Each Villa benefits from a dedicated butler service to cater to your every need. Your butler will be on hand to arrange meals, excursions, spa treatments and any additional items that will ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay.

Your butler can prepare light dishes, meals and refreshments throughout the day – this includes off-menu items such as barbecues and freshly caught fish.

Each butler is highly-trained to offer an intuitive and personalised experienced to every guest, all you need to do is simply ask for whatever you may require, and it will be arranged.


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