Must-Visit Seattle Destinations for Grey's Anatomy Fans

Seattle cemented its spot on the map of pop culture thanks to the hit series Grey’s Anatomy. And even though most of the show’s scenes are filmed in a studio in Los Angeles, die-hard fans shouldn’t miss visiting some landmarks during their visit to the Emerald City

Here are some of the top must-visit Seattle destinations for Grey’s Anatomy fans out there:

Fremont Bridge

Must-Visit Seattle Destinations for Grey's Anatomy Fans

Find your way across the iconic drawbridge connecting Queen Anne and Fremont, two of the coolest Seattle neighbourhoods, and explore the stomping grounds of Meredith. While you are there, don’t forget to visit the Fremont troll, a public structure standing 18 feet tall and located below the Aurora Bridge. 

Kerry Park

Must-Visit Seattle Destinations for Grey's Anatomy Fans

The cast and crew of Grey’s Anatomy have been seen several times during their shoots at Kerry Park. The park is the perfect spot to see some of downtown Seattle’s picturesque views, including the Space Needle itself, Bainbridge Island, Elliott Bay, and Mount Rainier. 

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You will surely recognize all these sights immediately from your TV screen. Be sure to grab a cup of coffee and stay for some time if you are visiting on a clear day to watch the gorgeous sun as it sets on the horizon. 

KOMO Plaza

Formerly called Fisher Plaza, the KOMO Plaza encompasses a couple of buildings next to the Space Needle and served as home to Seattle Grace Hospital, currently Grey Sloan Memorial ever since 2004. The top of the building has a helipad that was also used for showing the hospital’s rooftop. 

Poo Poo Point

If you want to go beyond the city, Poo Poo Point is where you can recreate the famous Candle House scene of Meredith and Derek, with Meredith using candles to build their dream house. Hiking to Poo Poo Point is truly breathtaking and on clear days, you can bask in the expansive view of the whole Seattle Metro area from the North and Mount Rainier to the South. 

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Ferry Ride

Must-Visit Seattle Destinations for Grey's Anatomy Fans

Your Seattle trip will be incomplete without catching a ferry ride. In less than 45 minutes, you can catch more than five different ferry rides, with every route offering amazing views of the downtown area from the water as well as wildlife and nature-filled inlets. 

The Intern House

Die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fans shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the infamous Intern House at 303 W Comstock Street and capture the ultimate Instagram photo. It is one of the most famous destinations in the show, with almost all of the hospital’s interns living at the house across the seasons. 

The actual house was constructed in Queen Anne Hill in 1905 with a current value of more than $1.8 million. The neighbourhood itself is also home to quirky and cool restaurants, shops, and cafes with sweeping sights of Seattle if you stroll to the hilltop. 

The Space Needle

Must-Visit Seattle Destinations for Grey's Anatomy Fans

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will instantly recognize this acclaimed Seattle landmark from the city skyline views and posters throughout the series. It is Seattle’s symbolic attraction that is a must-visit destination. 

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Are you ready to relive your favorite Grey’s Anatomy scenes at these destinations?


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