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Nft and travel: here’s a great opportunity on Lake Como

NFT travel marketing and promotional opportunities are an emerging trend, disrupting all aspects of the travel industry, including hotels, airlines, restaurants and entertainment venues. In this article, you can find out what NFTs are, how the technology works, and the various ways these tokens are being used by companies.

What is a non-fungible token (NFT)?

A non-fungible token, otherwise known as an NFT, is a digital asset, which exists on the blockchain and cannot be duplicated. In essence, each NFT is a cryptographic token, which represents a unique digital object. This then allows digital content, including artwork, photographs, audio and video files, to be sold as unique objects.

Using the example of artwork, physical art can be sold to buyers and an artist’s original work can have significant value. Traditionally, this has been difficult to recreate with digital work because digital files can be easily copied. NFTs provide a solution to this, as each NFT is entirely unique.

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The description of these tokens is ‘non-fungible’ means that they cannot be traded at an equivalent value, and this is how an NFT differs from other crypto assets, such as cryptocurrency. NFT travel marketing is an emerging field within the tourism industry, where companies are using NFT technology to achieve marketing objectives.

NFT Travel Marketing and the Metaverse

Before delving into the topic of NFT travel marketing, it is important to understand how NFT can fit into the concept of the metaverse. A simple summary of the metaverse would be the creation of virtual worlds in which social interactions occur, often powered by virtual reality, augmented reality, or similar technologies.

Many travel and tourism brands are experimenting with the metaverse concept, providing virtual spaces for customers to share with each other, facilitating online trade shows or business meetings, or participating in metaverse virtual worlds. NFTs can also play a role here, enabling the sale of game items or virtual real estate.

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Why should NFTs become marketing tools for the travel industry?

To fully understand the potential of NFT travel marketing, it is worth taking a look at the success of NFTs in general. This can best be evidenced by the fact that total NFT sales increased by more than 21,000% between 2020 and 2021, with the total value of sales rising from $82.5 million to more than $17 billion.

Most early NFT transactions were based on the sale of digital collectibles, such as original artwork, original music files, and even original celebrity Tweets. However, over time, the NFT craze expanded further and this expansion gave rise to the sale of NFTs that have functional applications.



“Unlocking Uniqueness on Lake Como”

  • Digital Collectibles: a video that can be collected in your NFT Wallet, representing the destination of the real-world experience (Lake Como, Italy), also included in this NFT, branded by Black Platinum Gold.
  • 10.000 BPG points of Black Platinum Gold’s loyalty program to be redeemed on blackplatinumgold.com. Every 500 BPG points will be redeemed for a 1% discount on the total order (up to 5% of each order)
  • Real-life ultra-luxury experience at Villa Breakwater on Lake Como for the NFT’s owner and 15 guests, from 28 December 2022 until 4 January 2023 (New Year’s Eve Week)
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NFT and travel: here’s a great opportunity on Lake Como