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Unique and timeless pieces of art – Nita Suri Barcelona – Not your typical Handbags

NITA SURI aims to clear away conventional standards of luxury, expressing its own personality, catering today’s unique modern and elegant identity.

From the designer’s passion for art and deep admiration for the fashion industry, NITA SURI was born: a unique and innovative design concept with luxury leather, shapes, and colors to feed the senses, all while maintaining the highest level of elegance.

Launched in 1990 in Japan, the company gained instant international acclaim, thanks to the incredulously unique, bold designs of Montse Freixes, who drew upon her native Barcelona ́s architecture as inspiration.

During seven years of widespread distribution and expan- sion not only in Japan, but also in international markets, the company became an international success story;

Nita Suri Barcelona - Not your typical Handbags

Light as a Feather

With average 400 gr, the handbag is lightweight in order to ensure every women is able to fit all the belongings she needs on a daily basis.

Wide Opening

The opening of the bags allows you to see all of its content thanks to its light lining. When the bag is open, you can easily find all your belongings.

Exclusive Design

All pieces are inspired by famous architectural artworks which are transformed onto the design of each NITA SURI handbag following the concept of “Fashion as Art”.

Nita Suri Barcelona - Not your typical Handbags


NITA SURI designer Montse Freixes was always fascinated by the magnificent architecture present in her hometown of Barcelona.

Inspired by some of the city’s architectural masterpieces, such as the Sagrada Familia, each NITA SURI bag features a geometric silhouette that has been perfectly designed to be both aesthetically beautiful and functional.

Montse Freixes has dedicated her life to observing the beauty of different cultures through art, and interpreting it into wearable accessories. The designer envisioned a handbag that gave women all over the world the freedom to express their creative vision, unapologetic confidence and true originality, founding NITA SURI to share her vision of the world.

Nita Suri Barcelona - Not your typical Handbags


Marked by clean, forceful lines and a close attention to detail, each NITA SURI bag is instantly recognizable. Manufactured by select artisans in the south of Spain, the craftsmanship that goes into each bag includes the selection of only the finest leather and the use of traditional techniques, passed down from generation to generation.

This sophisticated process is translated into a one-of-a-kind NITA SURI handbag that will withstand the test of time.

Nita Suri Barcelona - Not your typical Handbags

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