From October 2018, guests staying at the Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam will have the chance to re-create Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces and learn the secrets behind his creations, while attending painting lessons taught by a local artist.

Pulizter Amsterdam is launching this immersive art experience in partnership with the Van Gogh Museum. As well as two night’s accommodation and daily breakfast, the ‘Paint Like Van Gogh’ special includes unlimited access to the museum, an art lesson, a welcome gift and a complimentary cocktail.

Pulitzer Amsterdam is a luxury hotel made up of 25 Golden Age canal houses, nestled between two of the city’s most peaceful canals in the trendy Nine Streets district and it’s one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.

Known for its refined approach towards hospitality and historic charm, the hotel features 225 beautiful rooms that balance heritage, elegance and cosiness together perfectly.

During their stay here, guests will have unlimited access to the Van Gogh Museum, coming and going as they please during opening hours, where they will find inspiration for their own art. The museum is the second-most visited tourist attraction in the city and houses the world’s most important collection of the celebrated Dutch matser’s works.

Guests will then enjoy a 75-minute painting lesson with by Mirjam ter Maat, a painter, visual art therapist and owner of the art workshop, Meesterwerken Op Maat. Using Van Gogh’s techniques as the focus of the lesson, budding artists will recreate The Starry Night, Fifteen Sun Flowers or Almond Blossoms. A complimentary cocktail created by Pulitzer Bar’s head bartender, Andrei Talapanescu will follow. In fitting with the Van Gogh theme, the cocktail will be inspired by one of his paintings.

For guests who want to fully immerse themselves in art during their stay, they can upgrade their accommodation with the Art Collector’s Suite, pending availability. The room is designed to resemble the canal house of a Dutch 17th-century art collector and is filled with artworks, including Hals Brunch by Thierry Bruet. The painting bears a striking resemblance to Frans Hals’ masterpiece The Last Supper but on closer inspection features modernities such as cans of beer, a laptop and hamburgers.

Pulitzer Amsterdam is close to Dam Square and within easy reach of the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and The Anne Frank House. The fashionable Nine Streets, the quaint shops of Jordaan, the flower market and the Royal Palace are also a short distance away, to explore on foot, by bike or by boat.

The Paint Like Van Gogh offering begins at $1,150 with a minimum of two nights and can be booked for stays from October 22 – December 23, 2018.


Urban Explorations

Amsterdam’s canal-woven core is laced by atmospheric narrow lanes. You never know what you’ll find: a tiny hidden garden; a boutique selling witty, stylised Dutch-designed homewares and fashion; a jewel-box-like jenever (Dutch gin) distillery; a flower stall filled with tulips in a rainbow of hues; an old monastery-turned-classical-music-venue; an ultra-niche restaurant such as an avocado or strawberry specialist or one reinventing age-old Dutch classics. Fringing the centre, post-industrial buildings in up-and-coming neighbourhoods now house creative enterprises, from art galleries to craft breweries and cutting-edge tech start-ups, as well as some of Europe’s hottest clubs.

Admiring Art

You can’t walk a kilometre without bumping into a masterpiece in the city. The Van Gogh Museum hangs the world’s largest collection by tortured native son Vincent. A few blocks away, Vermeers, Rembrandts and other Golden Age treasures fill the glorious Rijksmuseum. The Museum het Rembrandthuis offers more of Rembrandt via his etching-packed studio, while the Stedelijk Museum counts Matisses and Mondrians among its modern stock. And for blockbuster displays, the Hermitage Amsterdam delivers: the outpost of Russia’s State Hermitage Museum sifts through its three-million-piece home trove to mount mega exhibitions.

Bike & Boat Travel

Two-wheeling is a way of life here. It’s how Amsterdammers commute to work, go to the shop, and meet a date for dinner. Abundant bike-rental shops make it easy to gear up and take a spin. If locals aren’t on a bike, they may well be on the water. With its canals and massive harbour, this city reclaimed from the sea offers countless opportunities to drift. Hop aboard a canal boat (preferably an open-air one) or one of the free ferries behind Centraal Station, or rent your own for a wind-in-your-hair ride.

Feel Gezellig

Amsterdam is famously gezellig, a Dutch quality that translates roughly as ‘convivial’ or ‘cosy’. It’s more easily experienced than defined. There’s a sense of time stopping, an intimacy of the here-and-now that leaves your troubles behind, at least until tomorrow. The easiest place to encounter this feeling is a bruin café (brown cafe; traditional drinking establishment). Named for their wood panelling and walls once stained by smoke, brown cafes have gezelligheid (cosiness) on tap, along with good beer. You can also feel gezellig lingering after dinner in snug restaurants while the candles burn low.

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