Reconnect with Nature: Plan a Horseback Riding Solo Trip

Horseback riding vacations for solo travelers are like a box of chocolate – you never really know what you are getting until you actually get there.

If you have always wanted to reconnect with nature, here are the top spots perfect for a horse-riding getaway. 


An Argentine estancia or traditional ranch offers the best horseback holiday experience. This is where you can trek and herd during daytime and sit around a blazing fire when nighttime comes as the sky is filled with twinkling stars. 

Reconnect with Nature: Plan a Horseback Riding Solo Trip

Although horse riding vacations in Argentina tend to be more active compared to those in other countries, these are still perfect for all abilities and ages. It also gives you a chance to see more of the country’s mountains and rural fields. 


You can find some excellent horseback riding experiences in Australia that let you explore the diverse landscape of the country. Australia is the home of some of the finest horse breeds, and experts and beginners alike will surely have a wonderful time participating in guided treks along the coast or across the outback. 

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Engaging with Australia’s horse-riding history also gives you a glimpse of the unique culture of the country and allows you to be up close and personal with its countryside and wildlife. 


While tracking wildlife is a classic holiday activity in Africa, another popular and equally amazing experience is to try a horseback safari. With numerous national parks all over the country, the Okavango Delta in Botswana is the best spot to explore on horseback with its wide river, a game reserve, and expansive grass plains. 


A fantastic place for learning to ride and traveling the country on horseback, Southern France has numerous rural farms that offer holidays involving excursions and lessons about the surrounding landscape. 

A specifically popular region for horseback riding is the Camargue popular for its white horse breed and the traditional cowboys farming on horseback. The farms in France are perfect for full fortnight stays and afternoon riding trips. 


Reconnect with Nature: Plan a Horseback Riding Solo Trip

Ireland provides one-of-a-kind rural horse-riding experiences amidst a beautiful and lush landscape that gave it its nickname The Emerald Isle. The country is ideal for all beginners who wish to explore with a guide as well as veteran riders who wish to travel between towns on their own. Ireland boasts of dramatic weather and unique scenery that will surely leave you euphoric. 

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Italy has numerous locations best explored and discovered on horseback. However, Tuscany’s central region is the best place for horse riding vacations. The Tuscan countryside served as an inspiration for numerous artists with its exceptional romantic charm and the sweeping fields, vineyards, and hillsides. To fully appreciate Italy’s most beautiful scenery, riding through it is always the best way to go. 


Reconnect with Nature: Plan a Horseback Riding Solo Trip

Fans of the great outdoors and history lovers alike will surely be delighted to explore Mongolia on horseback. The country boasts of unspoiled wilderness no matter where you go. It also lets you follow the trek of Genghis Khan’s equine legend of winning over an empire on horseback. If you wish to let yourself immerse in nature, Mongolia gives you the chance to trek across seemingly boundless plains under the open skies. 

Other great spots for the perfect horseback riding solo trip include Portugal, Spain, the USA, and Wales

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