Regenerative Travel and Other Trends for 2022

With the turn of the pandemic, we can see certain shifts in people’s mindsets, especially when it comes to travel. We are beginning to see various trends leaning towards a more sustainable approach.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization, or UNWTO, describes sustainable tourism as “a level of tourism activity that can be maintained over the long term because it results in a net benefit for the social, economic, natural and cultural environments of the area in which it takes place.”

These trends are intended to not only be environmentally conscious but socially as well. 

One trend that we are seeing come up quite a lot post-pandemic is the practice of safe distance. For example, airlines are particularly adamant on ensuring these measures are in place. The general public sentiment is towards planning their travel destinations to more open, remote locations. 

There are also several countries advocating for a “Fly Responsible” campaign which provides travellers with the option to opt for other means of travel when possible, and only rely on air-borne travel when it is absolutely indispensable. 

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A trend that has been quite a recurring one among travellers and the general population is this concept of remote work. A great number of individuals have shifted to a complete remote lifestyle. One where they are not bound to any specific location and can work remotely from practically anywhere on the globe. This shift in our lifestyle has also ‘slowed down’ how we travel, introducing a more slow-paced mindset as opposed to opting for a crammed travel itinerary which involves multiple legs in the journey. 

Regenerative Travel and Other Trends for 2022

The trend of regenerative travel focuses on maintaining conventional and sustainable practices. Examples of leading projects in this practice include the Alladale Wilderness Reserve in Scotland and the Secret Paradise in the Maldives. Both amazing destinations than draw a great deal of their efforts to edging closer to more sustainable practices. 

One way they do this is by involving locals in their area’s tourism.

Travellers are turning to locally made products as well: not only this is a more authentic way to experience the destination you are visiting, by immersing yourself in the local flavours and experiences, but as a huge added bonus it is the more socially conscious avenue to pursue. It is a great way to support the local economy of the region and a meaningful way to give back to the locals. This is one of the biggest trends that we hope travellers continue to move towards, as it represents the ideal mindset of a responsible and conscious journey. 

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Whether you are quite adventurous in exploring and living new, vibrant experiences through your travels or if you are keen to explore the eco-friendlier options when travelling, these trends offer you just that.


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