Riad Kheirredine – An Exclusive Oasis in Marrakech, Morocco | Black Platinum Gold

Epic mountain ranges, ancient cities, sweeping deserts, and warm hospitality: welcome to Morocco! Prepare for your senses to be enhanced.

Marrakech‘s premium luxury Riad Kheirredine is located in the heart of the ancient Medina, offering bespoke, unparalleled service and five-star accommodations. Blending perfectly Moroccan architecture and contemporary Italian design, this magical Riad invites you to experience the authentic soul of Morocco in one of the most bustling, ancient, and wild cities in the world.

Stepping into the Riad Kherredine transports you into a romantic idyll. Built around a courtyard garden, it is introspective and intimate. An escape from the busy streets, it offers a warm welcome to all who pass through the door. The peaceful sound of running water, flowers everywhere, and tasteful Italian fabrics create a world so calm and luxurious that it is nearly impossible to leave.

Since the 11th century, Marrakech has been a draw for travelers, an allure that continues today. Situated at the base of the High Atlas mountain range, this fortress city welcomes the inquisitive traveler. Riad Kherredine is your gateway to Marrakech.

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Each room is a unique fusion of Moroccan and Italian contemporary style, providing the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. No two rooms are the same, with large luxury beds draped with crisp linen and spacious living areas to unwind in. Riad Kherredine invites you to select a room or suite as unique as your visit to Marrakech.

There are five Deluxe rooms, two Junior Suites, five Classic Suites, and two Imperial Suites, all of which are individually styled with sumptuous brocade curtains, statement furniture, and huge beds covered in cushions and silk coverlets from Kashmir.


From the terrace, the city of Marrakech sprawls beneath and the African stars shine above in the Riad Kherredinefusion dining experience. Another dining space looks out on a verdant patio, where sunlight falls through the green plants to give a soft light. During the cooler months, an open fire warms the room and provides a flickering light.


The Hammam is probably the oldest surviving bathing tradition in the world. A ritual that stretches back centuries, the Hammam and massage are a key part of Moroccan culture. Enjoy a luxurious Hammam with privacy at Riad Kherredine. Using natural ingredients such as black soap, rose-based clay masks, argan oil, orange blossom, and salts, the experienced masseuses will leave your skin feeling refreshed and your body relaxed.


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