Royal Retreats: Castles and Manors You Can Actually Stay In

Royal Retreats: Castles and Manors You Can Actually Stay In

Steeped in history, castles and manors across the globe offer travelers an unprecedented immersive experience. These architectural marvels, echoing tales from bygone eras, invite guests to relive moments from the past, all while ensconced in modern luxury.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Ashford Castle serves as a mirror to Ireland’s evolving heritage. Initially an Anglo-Norman stronghold, its 350 acres now flaunt manicured gardens, sprawling woodlands, and pristine lakeside views. Guests often find solace in the castle’s wellness spa, built within the bronze conservatory, blending seamlessly with nature. Golf aficionados can tee off at the 9-hole course, while history enthusiasts can stroll through rooms, each echoing tales of yesteryears.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Apart from its vast grounds, Ashford Castle promises a unique blend of traditional and modern Irish experiences. Guests are treated to spa treatments using local botanicals, horseback rides across the verdant Irish countryside, and the opportunity to learn traditional Irish dances during evening events. Each room has been meticulously designed to highlight a different era of its rich history, from medieval tapestries to Victorian elegance.

Château de Bagnols, France

At Château de Bagnols, time appears to stand still. Behind the château’s fortified walls lies a world of opulence. Its suites, ornately adorned with original frescoes and antique furniture, transport guests to France’s golden era. The expansive grounds include vineyards producing exquisite wines. After a day exploring Beaujolais’s countryside, guests can unwind at the château’s gourmet restaurant, indulging in local delicacies paired with estate-produced wines.

The experience at Château de Bagnols goes beyond its historic walls. Guests can partake in wine-blending workshops, harnessing the region’s renowned viniculture. The castle also offers culinary classes, where travelers can learn to craft traditional French dishes using ingredients from the castle’s organic gardens.

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Castello di Vicarello, Italy

Perched atop the serene Tuscan hills, Castello di Vicarello promises a slice of Italian paradise. The castle’s gardens bloom with aromatic herbs and roses, a testament to Italy’s Mediterranean climate. Guests can choose to lounge by the infinity pools, overlooking the sweeping olive groves, or indulge in the spa treatments, inspired by ancient Tuscan rituals. The culinary offerings, a fusion of traditional techniques and organic ingredients, offer guests a taste of Italy’s rich gastronomic legacy.

A stay at Castello di Vicarello is an immersion into the Tuscan way of life. Guests can participate in truffle hunting expeditions, guided by local experts and their trained dogs. Olive oil tasting sessions, given the estate’s sprawling olive groves, are another highlight, allowing visitors to discern the subtle flavors of the region’s golden liquid.

Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

A mere stone’s throw from Edinburgh, Dalhousie Castle stands as a beacon of Scotland’s vibrant past. Beyond its stone-clad façade, the castle houses a labyrinth of corridors, each leading to chambers echoing tales of royalty and intrigue. Guests can indulge in the unique experience of dining in the castle’s ancient dungeons. The estate also offers traditional Scottish experiences, from high tea ceremonies to intimate bagpipe performances.

Beyond its historic corridors, Dalhousie Castle offers guests a taste of Scottish traditions. Whiskey tasting events, guided by in-house connoisseurs, introduce travelers to Scotland’s famed spirit. Traditional ceilidh nights, replete with dances and songs, promise a jovial Scottish evening.

Taj Lake Palace, India

Emerging from Udaipur’s tranquil Lake Pichola, the Taj Lake Palace, with its marble allure, stands as a testament to Rajputana grandeur. Guests can traverse the palace’s interconnecting domes, reflecting Mughal architectural influences. Evenings at the palace are ethereal, with traditional dance performances under the starlit sky. The palace’s lily pond and spa offer serene retreats, while the curated Rajasthani thali introduces guests to India’s diverse culinary tapestry.

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The Taj Lake Palace curates experiences that reflect Rajasthan’s regal heritage. Guests can embark on curated city tours, exploring Udaipur’s historic palaces, temples, and bazaars. Evening boat rides, illuminated by the setting sun, provide a different perspective of the palace, set against the backdrop of the Aravalli mountains.

Schlosshotel Kronberg, Germany

Enveloped in Hesse’s dense forests, Schlosshotel Kronberg offers a blend of Germanic artistry and nature. Each room serves as a gallery, showcasing masterpieces from bygone eras. The on-site restaurant, with its vaulted ceilings and panoramic views, offers a taste of Germany’s evolving culinary scene. The castle’s library, with its vast collection of historic manuscripts, remains a haven for bibliophiles.

Guests at the Schlosshotel are introduced to Germany’s rich cultural fabric. Art tours, given the castle’s vast collection, offer insights into European art movements. Traditional German evenings, showcasing folk dances and songs, provide guests an opportunity to delve into the region’s cultural nuances.

Pousada de Óbidos, Portugal

Overlooking the terracotta roofs of Óbidos, this castle invites guests to traverse Portugal’s rich history. The castle walls, adorned with azulejos tiles, exude Iberian charm. The on-site tavern, echoing fado tunes, serves traditional Portuguese tapas. Guided tours introduce guests to the castle’s myriad legends, from Moorish conquests to tales of chivalrous knights.

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Beyond its medieval charm, the castle introduces guests to Portuguese traditions. Fado nights, Portugal’s soulful music, resonate within the castle walls. The in-house restaurant, drawing from the rich coastal produce, crafts dishes that are a testament to Portugal’s culinary prowess.

Leeds Castle, England

Leeds Castle, with its reflection shimmering in the River Len, promises an authentic English retreat. From its Norman cellars to its Tudor towers, the castle introduces guests to England’s architectural evolution. The castle grounds, home to a sprawling aviary and a maze, offer ample avenues for exploration. Culinary workshops, highlighting British cuisine, and traditional jousting tournaments, further immerse guests into England’s rich tapestry of traditions.

Leeds Castle, England

Leeds Castle offers more than just historic lodgings. The expansive grounds host archery workshops, allowing guests to tap into their inner archer. Traditional English afternoon teas, served with a view of the River Len, transport travelers to England’s yesteryears.

Embarking on a journey through these historic retreats offers more than just a luxurious stay; it’s a voyage through time. From medieval European fortresses to opulent Asian palaces, these establishments promise stories, luxury, and memories that last a lifetime. As the modern world races forward, the allure of history grows stronger, beckoning travelers to pause, reflect, and revel in the tales of yesteryears.


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