Secret Hidden Gems in Athens

If Athens should be defined in one word, it would probably be indescribable. Yes, this city rich in philosophy, civilization, and history among other things is something too hard to describe in words. 

Landmarks and monuments that dominate the city stood the test of time and serve as testaments to the past, present, and even future glory of Greece. 

However, if you feel like you have already explored the most famous spots in Athens, and you are now ready to embark on the second stage of your journey, here are some of its secret hidden gems you might find interesting.

Graffiti Tours

While Athens may not be the world’s cleanest city and some streets and neighbourhoods may be off-putting, you can embrace its subculture with the incredible street art and graffiti. 

Secret Hidden Gems in Athens

Be sure to head to Plaka and Exarchia where you can admire the brilliant works of international and local artists alike no matter where you go. if you want something outside the box, these tours are worth it. 

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Monastiraki Flea Market

When you are tired of the usual high street shops, be sure to check out the interesting Monastiraki flea market. The district of Monastiraki is a true shopper’s paradise. However, on Sundays, the shops close to let this delight of Athens spring up. 

Secret Hidden Gems in Athens

Selling almost everything under the sun, you can surely find some unique or unusual souvenirs as you browse the coins, paintings, collectibles, and so much more. 

Open-Air Cinemas

The incredible climate of Greece is something that Athenians love to enjoy as a pastime. When the weather is fine, open-air cinemas pop up, often lasting from April to October. The capital has several such cinemas perfect for a memorable and unique night out. 

Pittaki Street

Back in the day, tourists and locals alike would have avoided visiting this street at the heart of the city. However, art collectives and volunteers worked to give it a facelift. 

Now enticing tourists back to the area, what used to be a seedy and dodgy alleyway gets a breath of new life adorned with hundreds of hanging recycled lamps. It is a charming and even romantic canopy perfect for a peaceful stroll. 

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Street Dancing

On Monday nights, find a partner and head to Ermou.

Secret Hidden Gems in Athens

This is where tourists and locals dance the evening away. This started during the economic downturn of the country as a means of cheering people up, and it was able to do just that. Experts and beginners are welcomed from 10 in the evening until the wee hours of the morning.

The Digital Museum

This secret hidden gem still takes its roots in Athens’ ancient history. The small but fascinating Digital Museum is in honour of the work and life of Plato but this time, with a modern touch.

Secret Hidden Gems in Athens

This is located near the original academy of the philosopher that was built in 328 BCE. The interactive exhibits, maps, videos, and other curiosities are proof of its endeavour to become the country’s first museum of philosophy. 

These are just some of the best secret hidden gems in Athens that are the perfect combination of ancient and modern.

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