Secret Las Vegas: 7 Things You Didn't Know

If you think all those movies and TV series have already shown you everything there is to know about Las Vegas, well, it might be time to think again. Sin City just got so many things to love (and hate) that many visitors may not know of. 

Many of these are secrets are even exclusively kept among the residents themselves. If you want to discover more of the hidden gems of Vegas, here are some of the things you probably didn’t know about it yet.

Unique Desert Art

The Strip may have everything you can ask for but there are more amazing sights that await you outside it. A 20-minute drive from the Strip will take you to the Seven Magic Mountains of Ugo Rondinone featuring neon rock installations as tall as 30 to 35 feet. If you visit at dusk or even at dawn, the site becomes even more stunning.

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Secret Las Vegas: 7 Things You Didn't Know

Light Show in Secret 

Did you know that Akhob, one of the most dazzling installations of the artist James Turrell, is actually tucked away inside a Louis Vuitton shop in Vegas?

Its exquisite execution offers a unique experience that you can only see if you have a reservation with no shoes and just a few people allowed at a time. 

Vintage Shopping Like No Other 

Who can say no to vintage? Las Vegas is the best place to be if you are searching for the finest vintage treasures from vintage décor pieces to furniture to clothing.

Artwork-Like Landscapes 

The Valley of Fire is like nature’s work of art. This is a scenic drive that takes around 40 minutes from the Strip. But more than the visual aspect, most people visit the park because of its spiritual aspect. They meditate in the area to tap into their inner souls. This desert wilderness is enshrouded in serenity and purity that you might not expect from Sin City.

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Secret Las Vegas: 7 Things You Didn't Know

Golfing to the Next Level 

With all the slot machines, clubs, and shows that will suck you in during your stay in Las Vegas, it wouldn’t hurt to get some fresh air and sunshine for a while. MGM Grand serves as the home to a four-level entertainment and sporting complex where you can get exactly just that. 

Swing those clubs and hit the targets with balls that score themselves. Go for a swim or simply watch your favorite sports on the hundreds of HDTVs dotting the area. 

Vegas and Pets 

Las Vegas has now become more pet-friendly. There are plenty of pet boutiques and dog parks that welcome pet owners and their fur babies. You can find a dog park exclusive for members and local stomping grounds that also features shops, food stalls, concerts, and more. 

Snowy Vegas

Being on the West Coast, access to snow during winter may seem impossible. But many Las Vegas visitors are surprised to know that less than 30 minutes away from the bustling city center, you will find Mt. Charleston standing tall and covered in snow when winter season comes. 

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You see, there’s more to Las Vegas than what you already know, and there are still so much more that awaits you the moment you find yourself wandering the streets of Sin City.


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